Monday, March 11, 2013

Madam Mayor? Christine Quinn hopes so ... and, she's not the only one.

A couple of years ago ... prior to New York legalizing Marriage Equality ... my better half was asked to sing the National Anthem at Marriage Equality New York's "Wedding March". At the pre-march rally, City Council Speaker Christine Quinn spoke to the masses that had assembled. I thought then and there, that Speaker Quinn was a force for progressive politics.

Well, Ladies and Gents ... she made it official yesterday. And I, for one, couldn't be happier.

Speaker Quinn is officially running for NYC Mayor and kicked off her campaign today with a "walk and talk" tour of all five boroughs, yesterday. Designed to showcase one of Quinn's talents, her one-on-one charm, she has promised to walk in "every community in this city." She'll need to because Speaker Quinn's perceived base is Manhattan and, according to NY Magazine:
"[Quinn's] opponents will be trying to attack her as a cultural and geographic elitist who has only ever represented her Chelsea council district. If Quinn, ahead in the polls, is going to lead wire-to-wire, she'll need to piece together votes from all over town. Today isn't really the start of that effort, but she's picked a nice, sunny Sunday to launch the symbolism."
For more on Speaker Quinn, here is the video Who Is Christine Quinn? that the campaign released as her official announcement. From

Some are not pleased with this biographical announcement, though ... the 5 minute video said nothing about Speaker Quinn being a lesbian or about her wife. Clearly, Speaker Quinn is open about her sexuality and, in fact, her wedding to Kim Catullo last May was the "political event of the year". But, what is also clear is that Speaker Quinn's campaign most likely made a calculated effort - perhaps to make her sexuality and marriage a non-issue. Let's be honest, when Barack Obama was running for POTUS, he wasn't introduced as "President Barack Obama, who is heterosexual and married..." But, if you *really* need the official gay pronouncement to go with her campaign announcement, look no further than the bio-page on
Chris and her wife, Kim Catullo, live in Chelsea, with their dogs Justin and Sadie.
Speaker Quinn has quite a record and that record speaks volumes about her values and beliefs. As a community organizer, anti-violence advocate and now as the second most powerful elected official in the City, Speaker Quinn has created thousands of new jobs, passed a living wage law to increase salaries on city funded projects, balanced the budget while protecting vital services, cracked down on bad landlords, increased access to health care, improved early childhood education, stopped teacher lay-offs, and helped keep our streets safe while fighting for one system of justice in all communities.

To volunteer for or contribute to Christine Quinn's campaign, make sure to head over to You can also follow the campaign on Twitter @quinn4ny.

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