Friday, March 8, 2013

LA Phil's Music Director will conduct at Chavez state funeral

Native Venezuelan and LA Phil Music Director Gustavo Dudamel, is taking a night off during the premiere run of John Adams’ oratorio The Gospel According to the Other Mary to preside over the music at the state funeral for Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez.

Here is what was sent to the orchestra:
My dear friends,

As you can imagine this is a very difficult time in my country, where our president has just died. On Friday, with the country in mourning, a state funeral has been organized, and I have been asked to return to Caracas to be a part of the ceremony. As the music director of El Sistema and the Simon Bolivar Symphony Orchestra, both important symbols of Venezuelan culture, I simply must return.

Tonight, together we will premiere John’s extraordinary work. And I will return in time to conduct the Sunday performance as well, but on Friday, I have asked our dear friend Grant Gershon to lead the performance. I am deeply grateful to him and to you for your understanding in this unique situation.


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