Monday, January 14, 2013

WQXR's Operavore to launch a new radio show ...

As you'll remember, I unearthed - and, subsequently discussed - a spectacular little gem from PEOPLE Magazine last week. It was an article from the mid '80s entitled Marilyn Horne: 'The Greatest Singer in the World' Turns a Feisty 50 with a Met Premiere and a Controversial New Book.

Perhaps I'm a little clairvoyant? Maybe it's just a coincidence ... but, Ms. Horne is back in the news this morning. It's local NYC news - but, it's news all the same.

(A side note: As a guy who loves nicknames, I have to try so very hard not to refer to her as Jax. It's so difficult...)

New York's WQXR radio station has announced that Operavore - their Opera-centric blog - will launch a new 30-minute radio show devoted entirely to the world of ... yes, opera.

Airing every Saturday at 12:30pm ET on 105.9 FM and on, the new show extends Operavore’s online offerings, which include the blog, and their stellar all-opera webstream.

Hosted by WQXR’s Naomi Lewin, Operavore aims to keep its finger on the pulse of the opera scene. Whether it be news bulletins from the around the globe, previews of new recordings or interviews with the players and personalities on the scene ... the Operavore radio show will provide it all. Including ...

[Pause for Herald Trumpets...]

Marilyn Horne.

The legendary mezzo-soprano will give an insider’s take on stories and productions, as well as conduct interviews with a cast of folks from outside the operatic world. Initial guests will include playwright Terrence McNally (Master Class and Golden Age); US Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg; and beloved star of TV and stage, Tyne Daly, who recently performed the role of Maria Callas in McNally’s Master Class.

Weekly commentary will be provided by Our Lady of Operatic Snarky-ness, La Cieca of ... La C. is, of course, the alter ego of opera critic James Jorden. Operavore blogger Fred Plotkin will also provide commentary and insight.

The radio show will launch as a limited-run series and is set to augment WQXR’s weekly broadcasts of live and recorded full-length operas from the world’s most prominent stages.

And, PS...
Dear Operavore,

I am so pleased that you'll be on the radio and cannot wait to hear the new show.

Please know that should you ever find yourself in need of another contributor, I not only have a nice radio voice - I mean: I am an opera singer, after all - but, I also have previous radio experience.

Shoot me an email - let's chat.

All best,


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