Thursday, January 31, 2013

Splatter Opera. It's a thing? Really?

What do the following statements have in common?
A. These are good times for portable opera. The genre associated with massed choruses, long evenings, and multi-ton sets can also yield a 50-­minute show thrown together with a few musicians, some cables, and scenery that will fit in a van.

B. I caught a trio of splatter operas.

C. [Pop-up opera festival]
Prototype is the teenage hacker of the opera world, and in its first public action, it’s left a message blinking on Big Opera’s screen: CAN YOU DO THIS?
Can you guess? Give up?

Well, they're statements that are part of a NY Magazine article that, I suppose, is meant to convince me that the "pop-up" opera festival Prototype is a good thing.

Apparently, ­Prototype should, according to the article's author, quickly evolve into a New York institution.
Armed with a jaunty slogan—“Opera/Theater/Now!”—the producers managed to pull off 29 performances of five premieres in three venues this past week. Audiences materialized too.
Don't get me wrong. That is a truly serious feat ... pulling off five premieres in three different venues. I mean: that's huge. Good for them!

This is nothing against Prototype or its productions. But, I'm just not quite convinced by this NY Magazine article that I need to go and see a small "splatter opera" produced - or "thrown together" - out of the back of a van by a "teenage hacker".

Call me crazy, but that's like saying, "Here, try these oysters! They're super slimy, uber salty and are kind of rubbery and grotesque if you chew them. In fact, it's better if you swallow them whole ... and, do it quickly."

Yeah - not so much on the oysters. And, I still need convincing on Prototype, too.

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