Friday, September 7, 2012

In order to help move our country forward, we must vote.

Last night, President Obama accepted our party's nomination for President of the United States. If you did not see the speech, shame upon thee... but, you can watch it below.

Rachel Maddow said of the speech
Since Obama has been elected, something you're supposed to be embarrassed about is that you might be moved by politics... That the idea of hope and change are a punchline. And that the idea that you would think you would be able to expect anything, but also able to feel anything about politics is some sort of weakness, some sort of sign of naivete. And I was moved by this speech. I find it moving and I am happy to be moved. And I think it's a sort of cynicism eraser.
Maddow then went on to quote the president, who said:
If you turn away now—if you buy into the cynicism that the change we fought for isn’t possible … well, change will not happen. If you give up on the idea that your voice can make a difference, then other voices will fill the void: lobbyists and special interests; the people with the $10 million checks who are trying to buy this election and those who are making it harder for you to vote.
Indeed... they are.

As I discussed last month, many state Republicans - trembling in fear that President Obama will get re-elected - are changing voting rules in order to keep certain segments of the population away from the polls. They say it will help deter a form of voter fraud called "voter impersonation" - even though recent research shows that UFO sightings are 3,615 times more common than instances of voter fraud.

What they're not telling you is that they're trying to "fix" the election in Romney's favor because they know that he is incredibly unlikely to win on his own merit.


The passage of a Voter ID law in Pennsylvania was praised by that state's Republican House Majority Leader Mike Turzai because in his estimation the "Voter ID law ... is gonna allow Governor Romney to win the state of Pennsylvania".

We can't let this happen. We have to do everything we can to help everyone vote. Especially those folks for whom voting might prove difficult - seniors, people who work full-time, people without transportation ...

It is our fundamental right as Americans to participate in the election of our government. It is a key principle upon which our great country was founded. If you sit by and let a nervous political party corruptly muck-up your chances to take part in that vote ... if you allow them to bully you into not being allowed to cast your vote ... then, you have allowed them to adulterate our elections and you are, ultimately fulfilling somebody else's plan.

What can you do? Commit to vote. Volunteer to go door to door, make calls, and talk with our neighbors to make sure everyone in your community is registered and ready to vote on Election Day. You can volunteer to help older people, students and minorities get their photo IDs updated. You can post current Photo ID requirements on your Facebook page or other social media outlets. Or, you can simply ask your co-workers, congregation members, friends and family: Are you ready to vote? Do you have the proper "documentation" to do so?

To learn more about what you need on election day - and, to register - visit and click on your state.

For some extra inspiration, here is our president's speech from the final night of this weeks Democratic National Convention.

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