Thursday, September 20, 2012

For Bridget Mary McCormack, it's a special 'Walk and Talk' reunion.

If you've been frequenting this space recently, you understand how - exactly - I feel about voting:
We have to do everything we can to help everyone vote. Especially those folks for whom voting might prove difficult - seniors, people who work full-time, people without transportation ...

It is our fundamental right as Americans to participate in the election of our government. It is a key principle upon which our great country was founded. If you sit by and let a nervous political party corruptly muck-up your chances to take part in that vote ... if you allow them to bully you into not being allowed to cast your vote ... then, you have allowed them to adulterate our elections and you are, ultimately fulfilling somebody else's plan.
So, speaking of voting...

What happens during such a hotly contested election season when you're running in a "down ballot" race for Michigan's State Supreme Court? How do you get your name out there while encouraging everyone to get to the END of the ballot in order to vote for you? Well, for starters, you call on your sister - who also happens to be a Hollywood actress.

Not necessarily a household-name actress, per se - but, an actress who appeared on some 48 episodes of a TV show that is beloved by a vast majority of Democrats (and, some Republicans too).

Indeed, when you're Bridget Mary McCormack, and you're running for the non-partisan State Supreme Court in Michigan, you call up your sister ... actress, Mary McCormack ... a.k.a. Kate Harper. That's right. That Kate Harper. Deputy National Security Advisor and ex-CIA officer on The West Wing.

What transpires after you make the call to your actress-sister for a little campaign assistance is something that makes all of us ardent lovers of The West Wing smile from ear to ear.

Oh, yes! It's a reunion "Walk and Talk" for The West Wing. Enjoy:

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