Thursday, August 23, 2012

José Iturbi Foundation sponsors LA Phil's "Dudamel and Domingo"

Maestro Dudamel, JIF's Donelle Dadigan and Maestro Domingo
at the Hollywood Bowl Rooftop Grill after party.
My obsession for old-school Hollywood history (and icons) is no secret. It's been a life-long obsession that dates back to my childhood in Los Angeles. In fact, all you have to do is take a tour around my Pinterest boards to know that I get crazy about it sometimes.

Well, in honor of old school Hollywood history I thought I'd bring you this tidbit of news. This last Sunday, the José Iturbi Foundation sponsored the LA Philharmonic's "Dudamel and Domingo!" concert. Held at the historic Hollywood Bowl, Music Director of the Los Angeles Philharmonic Gustavo Dudamel was joined in an unforgettable evening of Latin songs and operatic arias by tenor Plácido Domingo and soprano Ana María Martínez.

Carrying on Iturbi's legacy, the José Iturbi Foundation showcases the world's greatest classical music talent of tomorrow in conjunction with Iturbi Hollywood Concerts which feature dynamic performances in a setting that reflects Hollywood's Glamour years of the '30s and '40s. Each year of the competition, the José Iturbi Foundation awards more than $250,000 and is the largest cash prize classical music competition in the world.

They certainly have a history of awarding prizes to marvelous talent:
  • Angela Meade, soprano | First Prize in Voice 2008
  • Andrew Garland, baritone | Second Prize in Voice 2008
  • Leah Crochetto, soprano | First Prize, Spanish Prize and People's Choice in Voice 2009
  • Amber Wagner, soprano | President's Prize in Voice 2009
  • Sasha Cooke, mezzo-soprano | First Prize, American Prize in Voice 2010 

To the evening's sold out audience, the links to José Iturbi's history at the Hollywood Bowl were evident everywhere...from opera singers in the plaza to rotating shots of Iturbi with legendary performers at the Bowl projected onto screens before the show and at intermission.

Classical pianist and conductor José Iturbi not only toured the world giving sold out concerts, but he also appeared in several movies - as himself, of course - including Anchors Aweigh in 1945. After meeting Frank Sinatra on the set of Anchors Aweigh, the two men became friends and shared their camaraderie until Iturbi's death in 1980.

Iturbi and Sinatra relax before Sinatra's Hollywood Bowl appearance.
August 14, 1946
(Photo courtesy of the José Iturbi Foundation.)

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