Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Soprano Deborah Voigt cancels tour dates to undergo emergency surgery

Deborah Voigt | Photo by Dario Acosta
Friends, Yours Truly learned just now that La Brunny - soprano Deborah Voigt - has had to cancel her first Australian tour due to urgent surgery.

The American soprano was to be singing concerts in Melbourne and Sydney next week, but an emergency hip operation has forced her to withdraw.

According to, her Melbourne concert was sold out, with only a few hundred seats left for her Sydney concerts.

As you well know, Chiclets - Voigt recently gave a tour-de-force performance as Brünnhilde (whom Voigt nicknamed "Brunny" on her Twitter feed) in the Met's notoriously [insert air-quotes here] "demanding" production of the Ring cycle.

This latest setback of her hip injury is one of several that Voigt has overcome in the course of her decades-long career. First, there was the struggle with obesity, which culminated in the highly publicized "Little Black Dress" scandal ... which, of course given my propensity for nicknaming things, I've termed the "LBD".

The "LBD" scandal made international headlines in 2004 when she was fired from a production of Strauss' Ariadne auf Naxos at Covent Garden. Although Ariadne is one of her signature roles, she was forced to leave the cast because she was too large to wear a revealing black dress that the director deemed crucial to the staging concept.

And, as you all know, DO NOT get me started on THIS topic, right?

Very shortly thereafter, sighting health reasons, Voigt underwent gastric bypass surgery - which was totally unheard of for an opera singer.

Unfortunately, following the bypass surgery and dramatic weight loss, Voigt replaced her addiction to food with an addiction to alcohol - which she announced publicly during a recital last summer.

A story of triumphs? You bet your viking-horns it is. And soon, you'll be able to read all about her battles with obesity and addiction, as well as the impact they have had on her career.

Oh. Yes. Indeed.

It was announced recently that Deborah Voigt has sold her autobiography to HarperCollins for publication in 2013. With the working title True Confessions of a Down to Earth Diva, the memoir, as Voigt says, will not shy away from her battle with obesity and the impact it has had on her career:
It's time for me to step up and share my story because I know there are lots of other people, especially women, who are out there suffering in silence.
HarperCollins' Jonathan Burnham, describes the forthcoming book as an
...unbelievably honest narrative of a woman caught in a dangerous cycle of addiction and illness who overcame her demons in an utterly triumphant way.
As for today's hip surgery, Deborah Voigt tweeted late last night:

I'm sure that I join a throng of colleagues, friends and fans in wishing Deborah Voigt an easy and speedy recovery. Hojotoho!
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