Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Contest Alert: Your top three sopranos from the "Vissi d'arte" contest.

You watched. You voted. And now, we finally have a winner.

Last week, I asked you who your favorite sopranos were. Knowing that it was impossible to narrow it down to one, I asked you to ponder which in a list of sopranos - all from different operatic generations and all singing Tosca's "Vissi d'arte" - you would classify as your top 3 faves.

Chiclets, you voted and here are your results in reverse order:

#3 Montserrat Caballe

#2 Leontyne Price (who, by the way, was a write-in candidate)

And, your pick for #1

Maria Callas (Is anyone really shocked?)

As a thank you to those who voted, your names (even if they were "Anonymous") were entered into a drawing for a prize package courtesy of Naxos of America.

I'd pleased to announce that Georgeanne Yehling's name was drawn as the winner!


Ms. Yehling, swing on over to the contact page and email me the best address to send a FedEx package... then, be on the lookout!

Many thanks, again to all who voted. And a very special HOJOTOHO! and thank you to Naxos of America for contributing the prize package.

Me thinks we'll look at mezzo sopranos next .... hmmmmmmmm.


Georgeanne Yehling @ The Arkansassy Soprano said...

Aieeee! So exciting! Thank you!

Tammy said...

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