Friday, June 8, 2012

Contest Alert! Which soprano would you rather... ?

Asking an opera lover who their favorite opera singer is, is kind of like asking an ice cream lover what their favorite ice cream flavor is.

For me, it kind of depends on the day: sometimes I'm two scoops of Rocky Road ... sometimes I'm up for plain chocolate ... and then, there are the days when Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough is where it's at. (The later has been the most recent fave...)

Okay - let's be honest, as long as it's ice cream and doesn't have anything to do with fruit or fruit flavor, I'm pretty much down for it.

If I asked you what your favorite ice cream was - could you answer?

More importantly ... what if I asked you who your favorite sopranos were? Could you narrow it down to your top 3?

That's what I'm asking you to ponder, my friends. This weekend, ponder which of the following sopranos - all from different operatic generations and all singing Tosca's "Vissi d'arte" - you would classify as your top 3 faves. Let me know your vote by tweeting me @JNewmanNYC or leave a comment below. If your top 3 aren't all represented here, let me know who your write-in candidate would be.

The first 10 responses (based on the time you responded) will be entered into a drawing for a prize package. No joke. PRIZES!

So, grab a pint of your favorite ice cream ... pop in your head phones and make sure to let me know what you think. Remember: Tweet me @JNewmanNYC or leave a comment below.


#1 Montserrat Caballe

#2 Mirella Freni

#3 Maria Callas

#4 Shirley Verrett

#5 Angela Gheorghiu

#6 Hildegard Behrens

#7 Renee Fleming

#8 Daniela Dessi

#9 Sondra Radvanovsky

#10 Grace Bumbry

PS: For those who are about to jump down my throat because Leontyne Price is not represented above, RELAX. I could not find a live video clip of her that has decent quality sound.


Anonymous said...

My vote is #1 Leontyne Price, #2 Sondra Radvanovsky, and #3 Montserrat Caballé. I'm so excited to find out what the other votes are.

Operaholic said...

How about this clip of Miss Price?

I vote for #1 Callas, #2 Price, #3 Verrett. GO DIVAS :)

Georgeanne said...

This is easy peasy!

1) Maria Callas
2) Montserrat Caballé
3) Leontyne Price

busywriting said...

This is tough. Thanks to Operaholic for the Leontyne clip.

Just on these clips:

1. Caballe
2. Price
3. Radvanovsky

I can't believe I'm leaving out Callas but I am.

starfish said...

Based solely on the clips (and I am a little surprised by the result):

#1 Price
#2 Radvanovsky
#3 Caballé

Anonymous said...

1. Angela Gheorghiu
2. Maria Slatinaru (see Youtube)
3. Virginia Zeani (see Youtube)

Lucy said...

In this role as heard here:

1. Callas (perfect singer/role match, in my opinion)
2. Price (too gorgeous)
3. Gheorghiu (somewhat to my surprise!)

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