Friday, January 20, 2012

Some good ... and stunning ... news from New York City Opera

On the heels of the agreement New York City Opera reached with AGMA and Local 802 AFM that enables the 2012 season to resume as scheduled, NYC Opera made a stunning announcement. Well, at least I was stunned.

New York City Opera kicks off a new year and a new "era" with La Traviata at the Brooklyn Academy of Music from Feb. 12-18. The Jonathan Miller production of Verdi's masterpiece is the season's first NYC Opera staging at BAM... and it's first staging outside of Lincoln Center. La Traviata will be followed by the US premiere performances of Rufus Wainwright's Prima Donna from Feb. 19-25...

Yes, yes, yes - I know you know all of that already.

Here's the announcement part: As a gift to the City of New York, The Reed Foundation and The Peter Jay Sharp Foundation have bought the remaining seats for all NYC Opera performances at BAM and will offer these seats at a special $25 price to celebrate NYC Opera’s new beginning.

Honestly, that's so ... Oprah. "You get a ticket! You get a ticket! EVERY BODY GETS A TICKET!"

I'm sure the news of this made NYC Opera’s General Manager George Steel shout a hearty "Hojotoho!" Ok, maybe not... but, he did say:
Many thanks are due to the countless individuals who have helped City Opera forge this new path, most notably members of the New York City Opera Orchestra and New York City Opera Chorus, and the many artists represented by these contracts. Their exceptional artistry is at the very heart of what makes New York City Opera so special. We look forward to bringing this exciting new season of unforgettable operas to our loyal subscribers and fans. Earning your applause is, and will always be, our unifying purpose. Thank you for standing by us, and on with the show!
Now, see... this drives my captious-self crazy because now I have gained more respect for Mr. Steel. Whether or not this beautiful piece of PR copy [see below] came from his little fingers or not ... who knows? But in all honest, it does make me feel a little more toasty inside. 

PS, Mr. Steel: that copywriter deserves a muffin basket for *sure*.

Congrats to all of the hard working folks at NYC Opera. In bocca al lupo! Toi, toi, toi! And, break a leg!

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