Friday, December 23, 2011

It's the holiday weekend ... what are you listening to?

Are you not sure of what music you should listen to this holiday weekend? I've got some options for you ... so, run over to Amazon and download these four discs - you'll be glad you did.

Everyone deserves a little "Vintage Christmas" - David Ian
For some stellar background at your party - A Steinway Christmas Album.
It's Luciano Pavarotti ... need I say more?
Who doesn't want a little swank in their Christmas? Courtesy of Dean Martin.

1 comment:

marly said...

Four excellent suggestions. I spent my evening drowning in Evelyn Lear's Richard Strauss cd and then Der Rosenkavalier. My final encore for Christmas Eve was Franco Corelli singing Come un bel di. All of that divine music plus my 27-carat fake emerald ring (my present to myself) made this another perfect holiday.

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