Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Dreamiest Carnegie Hall treasures

Is this not the dreamiest line-up of concerts you've. ever. seen?

I know. #speechless

Take a gander at the A Dream Team of Sopranos: Carnegie Hall Treasures blog post for the story behind Tim Page's book Carnegie Hall Treasures.

The book is a piece of Cheer Gear that is most definitely on my holiday list.

1 comment: said...

Those were the days. A few years later I worked at CAMI and all those ladies came to the office. One summer day the elevator doors opened and out stepped Elisabeth Schwarzkopf, a stunning, radiant vision in turqoise chiffon. Birgit hopped up and sat on my desk and knocked over and broke my (empty) coffee mug with her derriere. But NYC and the Met in the 1960s/1970s was full of stars. In 1970 at Tucker's 25th Anniversary Gala at the Met he sang an act of TRAVIATA with Sutherland; and act of GIOCONDA with Tebaldi; and and act of AIDA with Price. Amazing! And we took it for granted!

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