Thursday, October 27, 2011

Renée in Oman - Royal Opera House Muscat

As we discussed back in September, there is a brand new opera house in a very unlikely place. Royal Opera House Muscat is an oasis in the desert of Oman. See for yourself:

Although my previous discussions were chiefly about Franco Zeffirelli bringing his Turandot to Oman, I did note that there were others who were on the season roster ... Domingo for one and Renée Fleming (aka Mrs. Thomas Jessell) for another.

Just back from her trip to Oman, La Diva Renée took to the Twitterverse to discuss her trip. Here is the succession of her tweets:

Thanks for the update, La Diva Renée.  I'm sure they were just as happy to have you as you were to be there.

You can follow Renée Fleming on Twitter @reneesmusings. You can also follow Yours Truly as well - @JNewmanNYC.

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