Thursday, August 4, 2011

NY City Opera: " doesn’t make sense for us to have a music director.”

Maestro George Manahan | City Opera's Former Music Director
“My respect, admiration and love for these incredible musicians is unending,” he added, “so naturally I am saddened that the new vision for the company’s future does not include a role for a music director. But I also believe in the importance of City Opera to New York and to the rest of the country in its continuing mission of nurturing new talent and presenting exciting productions to its audiences. I look forward to a new chapter of my relationship with the company as a guest conductor and am excited to return to work with New York City Opera in future seasons.” - FORMER Music Director of NY City Opera, George Manahan
That's right, Chiclets - I said *former* music director. After 15 years as the company's Music Director, the New York Times has reported that the post is being eliminated and Maestro Manahan has been relegated to the position of guest conductor.
“George was unfortunately not able to conduct for us next season,” Mr. Steel said in a telephone interview on Tuesday. “He didn’t have the dates free, partly no doubt because we were so late in planning our season.”

The formulation and the announcement of the new season were delayed repeatedly as the company grappled with chronic budgetary woes and the logistical difficulties of extricating itself from Lincoln Center and taking the show permanently on the road. There are still major employment and pay issues under negotiation with various unions.

Mr. Manahan’s unavailability, Mr. Steel said, illuminated another matter for him, that “given the size of the company now, it doesn’t make sense for us to have a music director.”

“I don’t like saying these things together,” Mr. Steel added, “since they are really not related to each other. We are working very hard to get George back to conduct as soon as possible.”
So, Mr. Steel ... what's next? Cutting the singers and just showing the Met's Broadcasts? At this point, you might as well.

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Mendel Markel, said...

That's just ridiculous. How can it not make sense fro an opera company to have a music director? That's like it not making sense for an airline to have pilots on their flights because they are a small airline. Might as well just close up shop at that point.

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