Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial - Washington DC

Photo by: Charles Dharapak / Associated Press
After some 25 years in the making the Martin Luther King Jr. memorial has opened to the public in Washington D.C.

From The Washington Post
The first members of the public to see the official opening of Washington’s new $120 million memorial to the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. walked in quietly, smiling but “so slow it was like we were coming to see a body,” said Weldon Ferguson of the District.

What they saw instead was stone and water, words and an iconic image on a picture-perfect summer day along the Tidal Basin.

Some were weeping. Others were taking pictures of the statue and each other and giving high-fives, lending the unveiling of the memorial the feeling of one big block party.

“It’s beautiful, exquisite,” said Paulette Davis of Washington. “I’m remembering where he led us. This exceeded my expectations.”
For those of us who contributed to this memorial in order to pay tribute to a man whose journey changed the lives of so many people, this is a proud moment.

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