Thursday, July 28, 2011

"I'll take: 'Things that never happen in the U.S.' for $1000, Alex"

We all know that there are certain absolutes in life.

I feel that one of these absolutes is that in our country, opera stars like Anna Netrebko and Erwin Schrott would not get the same paparazzi-star-treatment that we-Americans reserve for people who do nothing meaningful to further culture other than take up space on our televisions ... people like the Kardashians or those blockheads from Jersey Shore.

In Europe, things are a little different. Here is opera's "It Couple" arriving via convertible - that just so happened matched Erwin's new haircolor - for the opening night of Salzburg Festspiele.

Eat your heart our, Alex McCord -

And my personal favorite: 

I'm very thankful that Mr. Schrott left his "MC Hammer" pants at home ... too bad he didn't remember to do that here. OH! And, here too.

[Photos appear courtesy of OperaChic. Thanks, OC!]


Mendel Markel, said...

So sad, but so true. The real artists in the US are almost like niche artists, whereas the vast majority waits breathlessly for the next bit of gossip on some pompous, brainless "star" who has done absolutely nothing for society... if we're lucky that is, because in most cases they run kids over while drunk, get thrown in jail for spitting at cops or thrown in rehab for being hopeless drug addicts.

R S said...

Salzburg is mostly about opera, so paps focus on opera stars.
Sadly, though, Opera Chic commenters only focus on that, on the overexposition of Schrott & Trebs, not even paying attention to the fact that at least they're famous because of their profession, not because of a reality show. I don't like their outfits most of the times, either, still I know it's their voices that matter, who cares about the MC Hammer style pants! :)

Mendel Markel, said...

True. Look at Pavarotti. Despite that the media liked his pimp outfits, at the day's end, his fame was from singing.

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