Friday, May 27, 2011

NY City Opera in another tangle with AGMA

My Chiclets, you might want to sit down for this one... the shock of it all will be too much, I'm sure.

Last night, the Associated Press reported that New York City opera is being taken to task for it's "impending" move out of Lincoln Center.

[Insert obligatory eye roll here.]

Bloomberg Business News picked up the AP Story:
A union representing New York City Opera workers has filed a federal complaint against the financially troubled company, saying its plans to move out of Lincoln Center after 45 years are aimed at undermining the labor rights of performers.

The American Guild of Musical Artists says the opera's move to a smaller venue and a shorter schedule will mean less work for union members. It filed a complaint Thursday with the National Labor Relations Board saying the opera should have negotiated with the union.

The union represents about 200 opera workers, including about 50 choristers and 10 production workers.

City Opera announced last week it was moving out of Lincoln Center and will do only three full-scale operas next season instead of five.

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