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All a-Twitter

Just a little reminder, Chickpeas: if you're not already a resident of Twitterville, you had better get on the turn pike and put the peddle to the metal. You're missing a wealth of knowledge, information, breaking news and let's face it - gossip.

In January of this year, I brought you My Top 100 Must Follow Tweeters for 2011. Classical music, opera, theater, politics, fashion, media ... you name it, the list has got it. If you missed it, here it is again ... so, get that following finger ready to click. And ... GO!

My Top 100 Must Follow Tweeters for 2011

National Endowment for the Arts: Our nation's independent agency dedicated to supporting excellence in the arts, the NEA is responsible for furthering the notion that "A Great Nation Deserves Great Art". (Although, our current Congress would love nothing more than to de-fund this very important agency.)

Rachel Maddow: Because she's incredibly bright, funny, politically savvy and loves an amazingly good cocktail. Need I say more?

San Diego Opera: San Diego Opera, ranked by OPERA AMERICA as one of the top 10 opera companies in the United States, is a widely respected member of the international opera community. Compelled to seek new audiences for opera, this company uses innovation as capital and invests in Podcasts, Television, YouTube, Blogging and yet more Television. This national and regional model for all arts organizations is a must follow for sure!

Keith Olbermann: It's no secret that I'm a fan of this guy. He's brilliantly clever and isn't afraid to speak his mind against corruption, obstruction and anything else that stands in the way of progress.

The Metropolitan Opera: Our nations top opera house is deserving of a follow from you - just because of who they are ... am I wrong?

Krupp Group: If you crave info on fashion - including designer news, sample sales, new products and events - then, the "Krupp Cakes" over at Krupp Group PR are a must follow for you.

NOH8 Campaign: Celebrity photographer Adam Bouska created the NOH8 Campaign as a silent protest to California's Proposition 8 - which, as you'll remember, amended California's Constitution to ban same-sex marriage. So far, the campaign encompasses over 5,500 faces and continues to grow.

Jenn Newman: Singer, life'style specialist, human rights advocate and soon to be real estate goddess - this lady is a force of nature. I should know ... she's my better half.

Amy Keller: Not only is she the voice for all things Social Media over at Krupp Group... but, this PR dynamo and Jane-of-All-Trades is also a personal shopper and stylist. No joke - she will edit your closet within and inch of it's life and then, help you fill it with pieces that mix, match and make you feel like a zillion bucks! Follow. Her. Now.

Larry Tenney: PR Guru. Brand Master. Reputation Ambassador. Corporate Communications Genius. Public Affairs Wizard. Trendspotter. Social Media Evangelist. You name it, Larry has got it covered. Clearly you'll learn something if you follow him ... so, if you want to be in the know - do it.

Cory Booker: As the Mayor of Newark, New Jersey, this guy is a political power house who isn't afraid to roll up his sleeves with the residents of Newark and get some real work done. It wont be long before he's standing center stage in the national political scene.

Soprano Deborah Voigt
Deborah Voigt: This dramatic soprano [L.] has often been called "a down to earth diva". Follow her and you'll see how true it is. As a matter of fact, she tweeted a special message to Josh Groban just yesterday saying: "If u ever want to sing with an opera singer, I'm your lady! Love your voice." Not gonna lie, the track would be repeating on my iPod for sure ... sort of like La Diva Renée's Endlessly- I. Was. Obsessed. I love a good crossover.

As a side note - Josh, you've gotta do this. Seriously. Have your people call Deb's people!

Renée Fleming: Speaking of La Diva Renée ... as news broke about her new appointment at Lyric Opera Chicago, I knew she had to be on the list. One of the most celebrated sopranos of our day, "the people's diva" is following in the footsteps of another operatic media darling and is slowly making her way into a new role as operatic ambassador and administrator.

Kelly Cutrone: From "the people's diva" to People's Revolution ... Kelly Cutrone is the uber savvy, high strung, yet surprisingly zen high priestess of Public Relations. Her book If You Have to Cry, Go Outside should be on the "must read" list of every Lady (and Gent, too) who wants to live to their fullest potential.

Americans for the Arts: The nation's leading non profit organization for advancing the arts. A great cause to become involved in, don't you think?

Chris Hayes: Now, you all know that Politics are my sport of choice. As Washington Editor of The Nation Magazine, as well as frequent guest host on MSNBC, this guy shows some serious smarts regarding our nation's politics on a frequent basis. What his Twitter feed shows is his broad array of interests and a wittiness beyond compare.

Madison Opera: Celebrating 50 Years of professional opera in Madison, Wisconsin - this company continues to use the uniqueness of opera to enrich the culture of the community.

Matchbook Magazine: Launching this month, Matchbook Magazine is an online lifestyle magazine celebrating the classics. Matchbook will inspire you ladies to design a life you adore. Their Twitter Bio says it all: "From lipstick to letterpress, gelato to grosgrain, and Paris to Peru, consider us your field guide to a charmed life."

Thompson Small Travel Duffle
COACH: As the leading American brand of luxury leather goods, fine accessories and gifts - COACH is a must follow. After all, every singer, musician or conductor should have a great bag to carry their scores in and COACH is just the place to get one! I've had my COACH Drafting Tote for almost 3 years and I feel just as great carrying my stuff in it today as I did the day I got it. Now, if I *had* to get a new COACH carry-all, it would definitely be the one pictured left. Ugh-mazing!

Actor's Equity: As the labor union that represents Actors and Stage Managers in the United States, this group can seem like a pain in the neck, but they really do take care of their own.

BabyCakes NYC: This Kosher Bakery on the Lower East Side of NYC is the home of tasty treats that are Vegan, Gluten-Free, Soy-Free, Dairy-Free, Egg-Free and Agave-Sweetened. They are truly incredible!

Mark Blankenship: Editor of The Critical Condition, Mark's tweets are always insightful, clever and are sure to make you want to run to the nearest Pop Music station.

Chris Benz: As one of New York’s top designers, this guy has stellar access to some of the brightest and best events, parties and people in the fashion industry. His tweets are punchy, pithy and always topped with tons of wit. Most definitely a *must* follow.

Ezra Klein: Blogger for the Washington Post, columnist for Newsweek, contributor to MSNBC ... this guy will make you think. His blog brings you the hottest policy ideas and provides his own unique take on them.

Caroline Manzo: This Real Housewives of New Jersey star is not someone I'd want to tangle with while walking in a dark alley. Known in our house as "Mama Manzo" (because secretly, I wish she'd adopt me) this woman will cut anyone who even *thinks* about coming after her family.

Kristin Chenoweth: This little lady is the closest thing you can get to a human sawed-off shotgun. She's small, but packs a hilarious and well sung punch!

Aprile Millo: While this soprano doesn't tweet as often as we'd like, I think this "High Priestess of that old time operatic religion" is certainly a tweeter of note! If you haven't already, check her out on YouTube. The voice is to die for.

Greer Grimsley: One of the nations leading bass baritones, this guy [pictured left on the cover of Opera News] is a force of nature - and I can say that having shared a stage with him. His voice is gigantic. I mean, it's like standing next to a Harley-Davidson with the hammer down. What's more is that his artistry easily overshadows the huge-osity of his voice. Great guy.

Doyle and Doyle: An antique, estate and fine jewelry boutique in Manhattan's Lower East Side - this place will rock your socks!

Lyric Opera Chicago: The finest singers of our time paired with an internationally celebrated orchestra and chorus makes for some grand spectacle in Chicago.

Joyce DiDonato: This lady is one of the most important and successful mezzo sopranos of our day. Ever the professional, this Lady Di always delivers a great performance - even with a broken leg!

West Elm: West Elm designs clean, simple products for modern living. They are amazing.

New York Philharmonic: Founded in 1842 by a group of local musicians led by American-born Ureli Corelli Hill, the New York Philharmonic is by far the oldest symphony orchestra in the United States, and one of the oldest in the world. It currently plays some 180 concerts a year, and on May 5, 2010, gave its 15,000th concert — a milestone unmatched by any other symphony orchestra.

Glimmerglass Opera: Glimmerglass Opera is a world-renowned summer opera festival in Cooperstown, NY. This spectacular organization has been the launching pad for many operatic careers - singer, pianists and conductors alike.

Naxos USA: Distributor of 100+ classical, jazz and performing arts recording labels. Amazing folks over there.

Phoenix Chorale: This Grammy winning group of uber talented singers is certainly one of the finest professional choral ensembles in America.

Jet Blue: For info, deals and more you must follow these guys. They give award winning service and DirectTV.... I mean, come on. It's a no-brainer.

Vancouver Opera: V.O. is the second largest opera company in Canada. It is regarded worldwide for its fine mainstage productions; for its country-leading education programs, which have reached more than 1.6 million children and their families in 35 years. Of course they're Canadian.

Tasty Treats From Macaron Parlour
Macaron Parlour: The Missus had these little treats [L.] at her last cabaret and let me tell you ... they are the tastiest little gems you could imagine. SO tasty, as a matter of fact, that I witnessed people stock-piling them on the tables. (You know who you are.)

MENY NYC: The New York City chapter of Marriage Equality New York is a *must* follow for sure. This group of truly dedicated individuals is the oldest organization in the state of New York to advocate full and equal marriage for same-sex couples. Equal Rights for all!

Delos Music: Called the Great American Label, Delos was formed to give outstanding American artists an international platform in 1973. These folks are a serious asset to the American artist and to classical music.

Freedom to Marry: Freedom to Marry is the campaign to win marriage equality nationwide for all loving and committed couples. Again, must I say it? Equal Rights for ALL!! Let's be honest ... Most straight couples wouldn’t want someone telling them they couldn’t marry, and when they think about it, many say they wouldn’t want to deny that for anyone else.

Ryan MacPherson: This tenor has a penchant for heavy metal and motorcycles. The dichotomy is just too good to pass up, no?

Lincoln Center: Find out what's going on at this hub of culture.

The British Monarchy: Who in their right mind doesn't want a little Royalty in their life? This is your way to get it.

Andy Cohen: Royalty of a different sort ... Reality TV Royalty. Andy Cohen is Senior Vice President of Original Programming and Development at Bravo TV - Which means he's responsible for bringing you all the reality TV goodness you can handle.

Kiehl's: If you're looking for incredible skin or hair care - Kiehl's is the place you want to go. Their amazing products are long lasting - you wont go wrong.

Opera's "It" couple Netrebko and Schrott
Erwin Schrott: As one of the operatic "it" guys of our time, bass baritone Erwin Schrott [seen left in concert with his Missus] continues to WOW audiences with his dazzling vocal abilities and his rugged 'hollywood' charm. And let's be honest, having a lady like La Netrebko on your arm clearly doesn't hurt your image. -UPDATE: also check out Schrott's new blog Erwin's music den.

Anna Netrebko: I have come 'round the bend where La Netrebko [seen left in concert with her Mister] is concerned. After seeing her as Antonia in the Met's Les Contes D'Hoffmann, my icy heart gave way to pure fan-dom for this Russian superstar. Her tweets are general PR schlock most of the time, but at least you get a sense of what she's up to - and you get to read about her fantastic Zac Posen coat ... which, I'm told, is a big deal.

Kenneth Cole: His shoes are amazing. His bags are incredible. His social conscience is beyond. For thoughts by Cole himself as well as others who are "behind the seams" follow him.

Ken Davenport: This Broadway and Off-Broadway producer brings you The Producer's Prospective - which is not only a blog, but also a spectacular resource for Broadway and beyond. I'm saying a spectacular resource, Chickpeas!

Brooklyn Botanical Garden: Because into everyone's life, some beauty must fall - follow these fantastic folks for bloom updates in the garden and much, much more.

Opera Chic: Coming to you from Milan, this superstar blogger and all around media maven is *the* go-to-girl for news about opera, fashion and most everything in between. For example: she just reported on the partnership waged between Japanese make-up giant Shiseido and Teatro alla Scala... check out the advertisement!

Broadway Impact: A grassroots coalition of the Theatre community and its fans, mobilizing in support of MARRIAGE EQUALITY.

Lyric Opera Kansas City: The Lyric Opera of Kansas City is one of the nation's premier regional opera companies, and has 97 different productions (29 of which are American operas) to its credit.

CNN's Political Ticker: Although, truth be told I rarely watch CNN anymore, this is a good ticker to keep your thumb on.

The Enchantment Resort
The Enchantment Resort: In secluded Boynton Canyon near Sedona, Arizona, this resort is truly a stunning place to vacation. Your senses will be dazzled by the red rock - your body will be calmed by the tranquility and your spirit will be cleansed by the vortex ... seriously, it will.

Gawker: From the Beltway and Manhattan to Hollywood and (where else matters?), Gawker is the place to go when you need the scoop.

The Kennedy Center: Hub of the arts in our Nation's Capital, The Kennedy Center is also America's living memorial to President John F. Kennedy.

Liam Bonner: This rising star in the operatic world is a self-proclaimed Steelers fan, dog lover, beer drinker, social butterfly and arts fanatic. Seriously ... what more could you want in a Tweeter?

The White House: This is the offical White House twitter account. Why not follow what is going on at "the People's House"?

Ovation TV: Tweets from the only television network dedicated to the arts and personal creativity! And how about those reruns of "Bathroom Divas"? Love them!

New York City Opera: They came back from the brink of disaster with a gusto - follow them to find up to the minute details on everything from VOX to Rufus Wainwright's Prima Donna.

Joseph Calleja
Joseph Calleja: The AP says tenor Joseph Calleja [L.] "... has a voice unlike anyone else on the operatic scene today." Follow this young star on the rise.

James Sims: Sr. Editor: Broadway World. Blogger: Huffington Post, The Wrap, Sr. New Media Specialist: American Museum of Natural History. This guy is an important guy to follow if you like to be in-the-know ... and you know you do.

Brooklyn Flea: NYC's coolest flea market, for sure! The New York Times calls Brooklyn Flea "One of the great urban experiences in New York." If you haven't been - GO!

Neil Carlson: Neil is Co-founder of the Brooklyn Creative League - a place that gives independent professionals, small-shop companies, and nonprofits the tools they need to get their work done: affordable, green, shared workspace. All good things.

Zachary Woolfe: He's writer/editor at Capital NY and is also opera critic for the NY Observer. He's a critic I like!

San Francisco Opera: San Francisco Opera has been one of the world’s leading producers of opera since its inception in 1923. In addition, their array of Artist Development programs are a beacon for thousands of young singers who would love nothing more than to have a life on the stage.

Opera News: Celebrating 75 years of giving coverage to all things operatic.

Susan Eichhorn Young: This singer, actor and director is a power house voice teacher. With active studios in New York, Toronto and Los Angeles, I have no idea how she finds time to blog as well.

BAM Brooklyn: BAM is America's oldest continuously operating performing arts center, founded in 1861. Cinema, Performance, Art, Literature, Talks, and Special Events ... they've got it all.

Minnesota Opera: Opera News says they have the most daring programming in America - don't you want to see for yourself?

Barack Obama by Pete Souza
Pete Souza: Official White House Photographer - you can always find amazing shots through his tweets ... like this one on the left of President Obama. Love it.

Portland Opera: One of the premier arts organizations in the Pacific Northwest, Portland Opera is currently producing A Season of Fantasy or Reality?. Truly they continue to celebrate the beauty and breadth of opera.

Boston Lyric Opera: New England's premier opera company, BLO is known for it's artistically excellent and diverse productions. They are also committed to featuring emerging operatic talent.

Robert Diamond: Editor-in-chief of, this guy has more than one finger on the Broadway Pulse.

Huffington Post: This internet newspaper was founded in part by Arianna Huffington who wrote the fantastic book Maria Callas: The Woman Behind the Legend. Features, news, tickets and all things Broadway.

Long Beach Opera: Continuing it's longstanding commitment to presenting an expanded vision of opera, this beacon of the Southern California artistic community stays true to it's motto: "expect the unexpected".

Theatre Development Fund: A.K.A. TKTS (as in the booths in Times Square), the TDF was established in 1968 to support theatrical works of artistic merit.

The Dallas Opera: Ever since it's inaugural concert with the legendary Maria Callas in 1957, The Dallas Opera has continued it's artistic excellence for over fifty years.

The Cut: The Cut blog is New York Magazine's fashion blog and Friendlies, it's the place to find out the goods on ... well ... the goods.

Fort Worth Opera: Another operatic gem in Texas is this fantastic opera festival. Their passion? To become recognized internationally as an organization that preserves and expands the transcending Art of opera.

La Jolla Symphony: Now in its 55th season, the La Jolla Symphony & Chorus enriches the lives of Southern Californians with a wide array of traditional and contemporary music.

New Orleans Opera: Although this company has a very rich history, it doesn't have too many followers on Twitter. Perhaps if all of you Chiclets follow, they'll be coaxed to tweet more and give us the inside scoop on what they have to offer in that great American city.

Leah Crocetto: Soprano Leah Crocetto is a second-year Adler fellow with San Francisco Opera and winner of the 2010 Met Opera National Council auditions, this girl's star is on the rise.

Opera Zone: Cheryl Pierce is a publicist enamored with opera, brownies, champagne and the Boston Red Sox. To be honest, we see eye to eye on everything except the Boston Red Sox - I'm just not that into Water Polo.

Nashville Opera: Tennessee's crown jewel of opera. This is a company that is dedicated to producing greatness and isn't afraid to tweet about it.

New York Transit Museum
New York Transit Museum: Need something fun to do? You have to visit this truly unique museum devoted to the impact of public transportation on the New York metropolitan region. GO!

Time Out New York: This magazine's twitter feed is a great place to discover activities, events and other things to do in NYC.

Royal Opera House: Find out what's going on across the pond with this house's two resident companies, The Royal Opera and The Royal Ballet.

Paul Gosselin: This Theater, Celebrity, TV, Opera, Twitter and Cosmo fanatic is an absolute hoot to follow. You're sure to get a chuckle or two from his Twitter feed!

Opera Theatre St. Louis: Outstanding artist sing at this company that prides itself on audience intimacy. 94% of the seats in their theater are closer to the center of the stage than the front row at the Met.

Janet Hopkins: This Met Diva is a fervent advocate of opera and of the arts in general. Uber supportive tweeter.

Everyday Opera: Life full voice: opera, food, wine and travel ... what more could one want really? With her blog Everyday Opera, a healthy social network on Ning and an online radio show, Lori Lewis has taken her passions to the next level, and then some. Follow her to find out more about life full voice.

Opera Manhattan: This non-profit opera company provides a nurturing environment for emerging artists to learn, develop and perfect their craft. Good stuff!

Austin Lyric Opera: An opera company that prides itself on its fresh and innovative approach to all things opera.

Go forth and follow these lovely tweeters!!

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