Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A Moment of Yore: Lenny and Judy

Many of you may have seen on the Huffington Post's Arts section that Steve Sherman has recently published a new book ... A photo essay called Leonard Bernstein at Work - His Final Years, 1984-1990:
This remarkable photographic essay of Leonard Bernstein during the last six years of his life gives us rare insight into the disparate, sometimes vastly conflicting elements that shaped his work and deeply influenced everyone who was drawn into his inner world. It contains approximately 200 black-and-white photographs, most previously unpublished, taken on and off stage during 20 different events or concerts, along with personal comments and remembrances from over 50 of his colleagues, friends, and relatives.

The foreword is by Hollywood superstar Lauren Bacall, the preface by Jamie Bernstein (Leonard Bernstein's eldest daughter), and the introduction by James M. Keller, Leonard Bernstein scholar-in-residence at the New York Philharmonic.

These vivid images reveal Leonard Bernstein at work in his final years, as mortality encroached upon his unrelenting energy and indefatigable creative genius.
What an amazing book, right? I literally cannot wait for my copy ... you know ... the copy I'm going to be getting for my birthday ... in April. (Hint. Hint.) Anyhoo, as a little celebration of this new book, I thought I would bring you A Moment of Yore.

Oh, to be a fly on the wall when *this* meeting took place. I love it. Classy. Swanky. Cool.

Leonard Bernstein and Judy Garland embrace.

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