Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Happy Birthday to: Renata Tebaldi

I missed one yesterday. And if I let it go by, I will have hell to pay from many of you.

Born on February 1st in 1922 ... the Patron Saint of Cotton Candy Hair, Renata Tebaldi. You laugh, I know. But check out that head of puffiness!

Tebaldi primarily focused on the verismo roles of the lyric and dramatic repertoires. Many acclaim her to be the most beloved opera singers of all time - and they, of course, are not Maria Callas fans.

After debuting at the Met as Desdemona in 1955, Tebaldi continued to sing there quite often ... making it her operatic home. According to many fans, she developed a special relationship with the Met audiences and quickly became known as "Miss Sold Out". She sang there some 270 times making her final appearance there, again as Desdemona, on January 8, 1973.

Happy Birthday, La Tebaldi!

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Joseph said...

This made my day! Thanks for the laughs. Joseph

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