Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A Moment of Pause - Cosi fan Booty

As you know, I am always thinking of you ... my loyal readers. To that end, I thought I would give you a quick break from the sobering news and commentary that are dominating the airwaves and internet.

Wouldn't you know it. I need not look any further than the New York Post as THIS is something that graced their pages today. It definitely gives pause. And, if you go through life like me - with the sense of humor that tends to match that of an 8 year old - it gives cause to laugh.

From the New York Post:
Just Asking...

Which opera diva should be nicknamed "Cosi Fan Booty" due to her reluctance to wear panties under her costume? Says an operagoer who got an eyeful from the front row, "Say what you will about the production, but the carpet always matches the drapes!" Following comments from fellow cast members, the "commando soprano" relented and now sports a thong.
"Cosi Fan Booty"? I can't deal. I just can't.

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