Monday, November 15, 2010

Netrebko stole WHAAAT?

Anna Netrebko at Richard Tucker Gala  in New York.
I'm sorry, but this headline in the ABC News Entertainment Section gave me pause and even inspired a little chuckle.

Netrebko Steals Fundraising Opera Gala

Talk about an awkward headline! I don't really know why, but I automatically thought: She 'Steals Fundraising Opera Gala' ... as in ... she took the money?

Then, I had this vision of La Netrebko-Schrott walking out with the cash box in hand ... kind of funny, no?

Anyway, if you want to read the actual article - which is apparently supposed to resemble a "review" that is duller than a bucket of dirty dishwater - take a trip over to Or, you could just read the first line of the thing and push on:
Memo to aspiring opera stars: If you're taking part in one of those galas that feature a parade of singers, try to make sure you don't go on right after Anna Netrebko.
To be fair, the review came from the Associated Press not ABC News, but come on - "one of those galas"? We're talking about a gala that honors a legendary opera singer, not some schlock-tastic Hamptons Society fete.

Might I add: they couldn't find someone to write this "review" who had some actual flare with language? Someone who actually new opera and what this gala represents? Instead, they got someone who could get the names correct and spew forth synopses with the help of Way to go, Associated Press!


Brian H said...

Thanks for posting. I also was annoyed that this reviewer made Mr. Jovanovich sound like he was one of the "young" aspiring singers, when in fact, he is the same age if not a little older than Ms. Netrebko, and perfectly well respected and capable in his own right. Definitely bizarre all around.

Lili said...

Giggle. I had to follow a phenomenal singer last year at my company's holiday concert. Don't think I SANG flat, but I sure felt like my performance FELL flat after hers.

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