Thursday, November 18, 2010

Another tantrum from COMMANDOpera [insert eye roll]

Ready for the shock of the day, Chickpeas? The "blogger" over at COMMANDOpera has got a seed stuck under his dentures, again.

Now, you may remember that site's list of arguments and general temper tantrums from months past. If not, please feel free to check out what was reported on here. May I say for the record that these were only the things reported on by Yours Truly - other exist, but I can only handle so much of the trash slinging.

Anyway, Mr. COMMANDO has taken umbrage with Vancouver Opera, now. Even going so far as to place the picture seen here of a manhole cover in his post. You know he did, too!

Since you can't get enough of the fluffy pomp and circumstance that is the writing over there, I thought I would give you a little more:
COMMANDOpera has withdrawn from attending the Vancouver Opera Lucia. A few days ago, some rather appalling behaviour by the theatre was brought directly to the attention of COMMANDOpera. This venue will not discuss the specifics, however suffice to say, the conduct is sufficiently discreditable to have taken the once decently regarded regional house down a manhole in the opinion of COMMANDOpera. Any theatre regardless of their perceived consequence who behave in such an unspeakable manner, do not deserve the privilege to be known on these pages. COMMANDOpera determined to not simply drop the minor regional theatre without notation, as this venue does not agree with the all too pervasive thinking by the media; “under rug swept”.
This sounds familiar, no? Remember the San Diego Opera flap?
COMMANDOpera has made a point to cover small regional theatres such as the San Diego Opera alongside of the major global players to enhance their visibility. The luxury to be seen on the pages of COMMANDOpera and read in over seventy countries is not a right, but rather at the elect disposition of [COMMANDOpera].
Or the Moira Johnson / Opera Lyra Ottawa mess?
COMMANDOpera made it clear to Moira Johnson that not a single client who is signed with her agency would ever know the global exposure and reach of COMMANDOpera from that moment going forward (not something to sneeze at given COMMANDOpera is a well read venue in over 70 countries)....

Had it not been for the offices of COMMANDOpera, there simply would have been zero global interest or recognition of this regional company and the brilliant production which took to the boards last week. Why? ... This outfit who is paid to handle publicity for Opera Lyra did nothing, zip, zero. In fact this firm shrewishly went out of their way to inhibit the work of COMMANDOpera, and therefore cost Opera Lyra Ottawa itself a critical article. This is the first time COMMANDOpera has ever heard of any public relations outfit who went out of their way to cut publicity for a client that had engaged it to do just the opposite.
I know this isn't going to get me any Brownie Points from Mr. COMMANDO, but I feel like it has to be said: He really should stop with the tantrums du jour, already. They are laughable and cost his latest targets NOTHING.

Now, Chiclets - I thought I would provide you with a little afternoon distraction on this fine Thursday. Let's break down Mr. COMMANDO's subtitle of Chivalrous. Respected. Erudite. Wise. I know - I'll pause while you get a snack - you know you're going to want one!

First, we have Chivalrous. The definition of this word is interesting, especially in light of what is spewed forth from Mr. COMMANDO: "chiv·al·rous [shiv-uhl-ruhs] –adjective: having the qualities of chivalry, as courage, courtesy, and loyalty ... also gracious and honorable toward an enemy, esp. a defeated one, and toward the weak or poor." HHmmmmmm - yea, I'm not really seeing much chivalrous activity.

Then, there is Respected. You mean "to hold in esteem or honor", right? Or is it that you mean "proper acceptance or courtesy"? OK! ... let's be fair. I'm sure there is *someone* in the "seventy countries" from which that site receives clicks that has a modicum of respect for what they see. Fine, I'll give Mr. COMMANDO that one.

Erudite - oh, yes he did. I can't really comment on whether or not Mr. COMMANDO is "characterized by great knowledge; is learned or scholarly". But, I will give you this: I can recognize a user when I see one. [wink]

Wise - now, I tell you this one is *rich*. R I C H! "Wise [wahyz] -adjective: having the power of discerning and judging properly as to what is true or right; possessing discernment, judgment, or discretion." Friends, I wont even insult your intelligence by dissecting this one. Wise? I can't.

I have some words for Mr. COMMANDO: Arrogant. Audacious. Delusional. Pretentious. Go ahead - block me from Twitter and take me off of your links listing ... OH WAIT, you already did. And, I'm losing so much sleep over it.


Anonymous said...

Although this post is old by web standards, I have taken much comfort in what was said here. This so called blogger takes obvious pleasure from throwing these tantrums and is disillusioned enough to think anyone cares. Unfortunately, there are invariably a number of artists and artistic managers who will read the outrageous trash that is published on that website, and at first glance will feel sick to their stomach. That is, until they eventually come to their senses and realise the blogger has no transparency, journalistic ethiquette (or talent for that matter) but above all, no accountability and no real influence. Case in point, a comment he left on another blog in 2006 shows exactly how chivalrous this individual is:

"Ahhhh. The little arrogance of Mr. Little NOBODY Tenor!

What a smarmy sh*^thead; he KNOWS what he did. He's sick alright.. He's lame in the head.

Short Little Pot Bellied Nobody.. Does he giggle in Little Ms. Nobody Sopranos ear when he c^ms?? Such a worm."

Colossal freudian slip if you ask me.

SJ Reidhead said...

Your post is old, but the blogger attacked me for disagreeing with one of his posts. He was nasty, patronizing, and rude.

The Pink Flamingo

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