Thursday, October 21, 2010

La Diva Renée brings her PR machine in-house

Zachary Woolfe of The New York Observer has just reported:
After a 15-year collaboration that catapulted Renée Fleming from just another plush-voiced soprano to a glamorous, genre-crossing household name, the singer is parting ways with legendary publicist Mary Lou Falcone.

Ms. Fleming's manager, Alec Treuhaft, said that Ms. Fleming had "decided she wanted to take this part of the operation in-house," and Ms. Falcone confirmed that their business relationship had ended. Ms. Fleming's assistant, Alexandra Day, said that she and other members of Ms. Fleming's personal staff would be taking over the singer's public relations starting in January.

The move comes as Ms. Fleming, 51, has gradually been scaling back her opera performances in favor of more recitals and private concerts, experimenting with a broader range of artistic styles and taking on nonsinging appearances such as hosting the Metropolitan Opera's Live in HD telecasts. "I have to focus on what I'd like to accomplish in the next 10 to 15 years," she told the Wall Street Journal in April, two months before the release of Dark Hope, her album of indie-rock covers. Ms. Falcone did not handle the album's release.
As much as she likes to have control over things, I'm surprised this didn't happen much sooner.

For more, you must - *must* - MUST hop over to Woolfe's article.

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