Monday, September 13, 2010

Fashion Week at Lincoln Center and Lela Rose

As many of you have seen by my recent tweets, I was at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week yesterday to see the Lela Rose show.

Having never been to anything like that before, I did what I always to in new situations, I acted like a sponge an soaked up everything.

Now, it comes as no surprise to most that I tend to take my time in processing things. I'm not a guy who shoots from the hip, but rather I take my time to look at a situation from all (ok, most) angles and *then* I'll come out with guns ablaze.

Here's what I've process so far... Not knowing enough about fashion and what's on trend or what's not, (read: I don't want this to pop up in someone's Google Alerts only to have them read it and howl in utter hysteria.) I will say only this: the Lela Rose line was simply stunning. Take a look at the picture if you don't believe me.

As incredible as the line was, I left the show thinking about something bigger than that. I find it extremely appropriate that Fashion Week moved to Lincoln Center and not just because Fashion is Art and Art is Lincoln Center ... yea, yea, yea ... we've heard that a million times before.

Here's why the appropriateness is so extreme - The designers who showcase their work in these shows go through months and months of blood, sweat, tears and then, some more blood and sweat ... and probably more tears. It all culminates into 20 minutes of creative purging - A.K.A the runway show. Then, they wait. People either buy what they're selling or they don't. Plain and simple. If people do buy- they're back to the drawing board to create more clothing as well as the next line.

Lather, rinse, repeat.

It's not unlike Opera, Orchestra, Theater or Ballet if you think about it. We work for months and months on our audition materials (not to mention the years of prep before hand), we show up and have 10 minutes of creative purging - A.K.A. the audition. Then, we wait. People either buy what we're selling or they don't. If people do buy- we're back to the drawing board to learn a new role, piece of music or dance routine for another performance.

Again ... lather, rinse, repeat.

Fashion is an ever changing, ever present and ever flowing venue of creative output. The process through which that creative output comes to be is something that we all have in common; the preparing for the preparation, the preparation, the execution, the waiting and the moving forward. Why wouldn't that belong at a place like Lincoln Center - surrounded by the best of the best in Opera, Orchestra, Theater and Ballet? Not gonna lie to you Friends... to me, it's much more appropriate at Lincoln Center than it was in the middle of a park.

But truly, who am I to judge fashion?

PS - Lela, I loved the music at the show. My daughter sang the opening song over and over again last night. There was also lots of prancing up and down our hallway in various forms of dress up... she was inspired.

[Photo: one of Jenn's faves from the Lela Rose show.]

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