Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Today's the day for "Dark Hope"

It's safe to say that if Renée Fleming appeared on "American Idol" and sang "Hallelujah," the Leonard Cohen song immortalized by Jeff Buckley, and a favorite of "Idol" contestants, judges Randy Jackson and Kara DioGuardi would not say she is "pitchy."

"Thank you!" exclaimed the opera star, laughing. -Kevin Berger, Special to the Los Angeles Times
Today's the day Ladies and Gents! Renée Fleming's new CD, Dark Hope, drops into stores and hopefully, into your laps.

There are already many people who are skeptical of Fleming's latest project. I, for one, can't wait... as you already know.

Now, since Yours Truly seriously doubts there is going to be a whole lot of press on this here in the states, I thought I would point you to La Diva Renée's own web page - dedicated to Dark Hope. There are all kinds of fun clips-n-more there.

Please ... you really *must* share your thoughts.

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