Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Slow and steady wins the race

Stephen Wadsworth, who directed [Greer] Grimsley's Seattle Rings and who has known him for more than twenty-five years, has an explanation as to why Grimsley is not as celebrated as he should be: "Greer's work is egoless, pure and simple. It isn't about anything except serving the piece. People who choose service over maneuvering have a longer road, and I know that has sometimes been frustrating to Greer, but he has stuck to his guns, working methodically, thoughtfully and thoroughly on his roles, and growing steadily as a vocalist and an actor. What he's interested in is the truth, so that's what he does. Greer is the opposite of self-promotion." - OPERANEWS
I had the opportunity to work with Greer at San Diego Opera when he was singing Don Pizarro in Beethoven's Fidelio... full disclosure: I was the Second Prisoner. I found that not only was he an incredibly low-key, unpretentious, generous and all-around great guy, but he could also split your head open with the size of his voice.

Be sure to head on over to OPERA NEWS and check out F. Paul Driscoll's article on Grimsley.

[Photo: Greer Grimsley as Amonasro in Portland Opera's Aida by Brent Wojahn/The Oregonian]

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Anonymous said...

...and he is hilarious! Some of the stories he would tell!

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