Thursday, April 8, 2010

Round 2: COMMANDOpera vs. Opera Lyra Ottawa

A wise woman once told me: "Don't ever get into a pissing fight with a skunk - you'll surely lose." Well Friendlies, I kind of think that I am about to turn my back on that advice ... for better or worse.

After yesterday's post and subsequent tweeting on the Twitter, I received some interesting comments about the battle of COMMANDOpera vs. San Diego Opera. Most notably, it appears that yesterday's battle isn't the only fight in which COMMANDOpera finds themselves.

Yesterday, I received the following tweet from @john_pitcher:

So, Yours Truly did a little digging and it would seem that there was / is indeed a battle between COMMANDOpera and the publicist for Opera Lyra Ottawa, Moira Johnson.

To be quite honest, after yesterday's saga, I really didn't have it in me to read COMMANDOpera's diatribe. Especially since what I *did* read was almost the exact same content that I read in the post about San Diego Opera.

Here's content from the post regarding San Diego Opera:
COMMANDOpera has made a point to cover small regional theatres such as the San Diego Opera alongside of the major global players to enhance their visibility. The luxury to be seen on the pages of COMMANDOpera and read in over seventy countries is not a right, but rather at the elect disposition of [COMMANDOpera].
And now here's content from the post about Moira Johnson and Opera Lyra Ottawa:
COMMANDOpera made it clear to Moira Johnson that not a single client who is signed with her agency would ever know the global exposure and reach of COMMANDOpera from that moment going forward (not something to sneeze at given COMMANDOpera is a well read venue in over 70 countries)....

Had it not been for the offices of COMMANDOpera, there simply would have been zero global interest or recognition of this regional company and the brilliant production which took to the boards last week. Why? ... This outfit who is paid to handle publicity for Opera Lyra did nothing, zip, zero. In fact this firm shrewishly went out of their way to inhibit the work of COMMANDOpera, and therefore cost Opera Lyra Ottawa itself a critical article. This is the first time COMMANDOpera has ever heard of any public relations outfit who went out of their way to cut publicity for a client that had engaged it to do just the opposite.
This post on Moira Johnson and Opera Lyra Ottawa ended with the following quote in all of it's richness:
There is a way to do business and we are the company we keep. Small minded individuals ought to know to leave their ego’s at the door when in the pay of others to do a job. Eventually…… word does get out.
Mirror, mirror on the wall - who is the crankiest one of all?

Seriously - word does get out. And so far, the word from COMMANDOpera seems to be a steady and repetitious banging on about how great they are, how everyone should honor their every request and never question what they do. I would imagine that's not a way to win too many friends, much less loyal readers and sources.

Look, I'm happy for COMMANDOpera ... they're seen in 70 countries ... it's international ... and I'm not surprised. It's a blog that looks great and really does tend to draw you in.

Let me just say that A Liberal's Libretto has loyal readers in all 50 states, as well as 38 other countries. But, I am not beating everyone up-side the head with that fact. And furthermore, I'm certainly not using it as ammunition in throwing a public temper tantrum every time I don't get what I want, don't get treated like a member of the traditional press or get questioned for what I chose to print.

COMMANDOpera, you're new.

As a matter of fact, it was just a mere 5 months ago that you were being welcomed to the blogosphere by Yours Truly. Slow it down, Friends. Sometimes you wont get what you want ... move on. Find another story. Continue to build your base of loyal readers and sources.

IMHO: Acting like *the* Prima Donna of Bloggers, throwing tantrums and slamming people in print is certainly not a way to build anything except a less than desirable reputation. Not to mention the fact that it gives the rest of us a bad name. Please, don't do that.

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