Friday, April 30, 2010

I Stand Corrected: Boundaries are boundaries.

Let me just say for the record: I am not too proud to admit when I'm wrong.

Ladies and Gents, I need to take this opportunity to correct something I posted a short while back regarding the newly nipped/tucked OPERA NEWS website. I wrote:
Shock -yet, utter delight- is how I would describe my reaction to hopping over to this morning. Just when I thought the MET had used all of the tricks they had hidden behind those Chagalls, I found this ... A completely refreshed OPERA NEWS website. It is *so* fresh, in fact, that I thought I had gone to the wrong website.
The problem with the content above, Friendlies, is that the MET had *nothing* hiding being those Chagalls - at least not in regards to OPERA NEWS.

You see, a Little Birdie set the record straight for me: while the Metropolitan Opera's website links to OPERA NEWS, OPERA NEWS is considered to be "an editorially independent publication" and possesses "no formal, institutional affiliation" with the MET.

OPERA NEWS is *clearly* a publication of the Metropolitan Opera Guild. While the Metropolitan Opera Guild is just that - the Guild formed for the Metropolitan Opera - it is, in point of fact, a separate not-for-profit entity.

OPERA NEWS does not belong to the Metropolitan Opera.

It may seem minute to some, but the boundary is there and should be respected.

I stand corrected. Thank you, Little Birdie.

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