Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Here's a little note to David Shuster:

I was wondering how long this would take...

It would appear that MSNBC has indefinitely suspended David Shuster after Shuster apparently filmed a pilot for CNN. The pilot was, according to the Wrap, to be patterned after MSNBC’s Morning Joe and the morning show on that other network that shall not be named on my blog... we'll call it Faux & Friends.

Clearly, this was either meant to manipulate MSNBC's brass into firing him or it was the latest in a long string of unfortunate decisions on his part. Whatever the case may be - here's a little note to David Shuster:

Look Shuster, I know you're eager to make a name for yourself. But let's be honest, Friend. You're coming off as a petulant child with your "I'm just like Rachel and Keith ... what about me? What about ME?" antics.

We know you're hot headed. We know you're liberal. We know you would love nothing more that to wedge yourself into the group of flawlessness that contains the likes of Ed Shultz, Chris Matthews, Keith Olbermann, and Rachel Maddow.

I just don't think it's going to happen.

Here's why, Shuster... your on-air persona doesn't come across as grass-rootsy like Shultz - or as an absent-minded-professor like Matthews - or as smarter than the average bear with class and humor like Olbermann - or as geeky, fun-loving, yet scarily brilliant like Maddow. You come across as angry, negative, bitter and pushy without showing whatever goods you might have to back it up.

Remember when you were ordered to stop tweeting after using your Twitter feed to stoke the fires of conservative activism by engaging James O'Keefe? Then, you managed to call a viewer “stupid and lazy" which you later apologized for.

Uh ... ok. Why?

I'm all for a good old fashioned angry tirade. In fact, I don't think we see people on the left get angry enough. Anger can tend to be healthy and productive, but only if it is used in a constructive way. If you're going to go after people, you have to take the time to directly explain *why* you're going after someone. You can't just call them names and expect the rest of us to figure out why you've done it. It makes you look angry for anger's sake.

If you don't have time on the air. Blog about it ... do something to get your reasoning out there to be heard. Don't verbally soil yourself and then just leave it for someone else to clean up.

You've had your funny moments, though. During the 2008 presidential race when you said Chelsea Clinton was “sort of being pimped out" as she stepped up her campaigning for her mother ... I'm not gonna lie: it made me laugh. Unfortunately, because you didn't back up the goods, you were suspended for two weeks.

I can't totally fault you for your tactics and antics. After all, you did come to MSNBC from FauxNews. At FauxNews, everyone seems angry, bitter, caustic, spiteful and just plain ornery. They spew forth the cantankerous and baseless rhetoric-du-jour and continue to spew ... and spew ... and spew the crapstastic rhetoric ... until the spewing becomes the news.

Rise above it, Shuster. Do your homework. And for God's sake make nice - at MSNBC or not, doesn't matter. I encourage you to take heed of what happened to another blow-hard who didn't do his homework and was angry for anger's sake - Lou Dobbs.

Yikes - where is that bigoted yea-hoo, now?

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