Monday, April 5, 2010

Fill that funding gap

Americans for the Arts' blog - aptly titled ARTSblog - has a fantastic post today regarding funding for the arts. Katherine Denny writes:
Despite – or maybe because of – the economic downturn, new, forward-thinking arts funding models are booming. In my dual capacity as grants administrator and grants seeker, I pay careful attention to the reaction of funders in good times and bad. As we all know, arts funding has historically been limited; recent decreases in philanthropic giving overall doesn’t help. A few young leaders, however, have responded to these limitations by creating new funding models.

What has occurred is a transition from traditional giving through proposals with guidelines to democratized giving through popular vote and/or reliance on small donations. The young leaders who are behind these new systems are using tools they know best: social media and critical mass. Two models – launched out of Brooklyn, NY in 2009 – are starting to take off:
What are the two models? Sorry, Friends ... you'll have to jump over to ARTSblog to find out.

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