Tuesday, April 13, 2010

David Shuster, your comments and Phil Griffin's rebuttal

Friends, I'm sure you're growing tired of the latest back and forth here at A Liberal's Libretto: Operatic fights, David Shuster, Operatic fights, David Shuster... I will break out, I promise.

BUT, not quite yet.

A certain reader named blucaller left a comment on my last post about David Shuster's suspension from MSNBC. [B]lucaller says:
David Shuster is no Olbermann, Shultz, or Maddow wannabe. Unlike any of them, he has serious journalistic cred, which is widely recognized by many MSNBC fans that are deeply concerned about ever thinning team in their newsroom and at their dizzying anchor desks. His Scooter Libby coverage was vital to progressives and second to none. To suggest he doesn't have "grassroots" appeal reveals more about your tastes and lack of understanding of MSNBC's core demographic than it reflects the truth about David Shuster. Think the e-mailer was the only one who feels strongly Griffin is clueless? Think again.
[B]lucaller then gave me the link to his facebook page titled: Punish David Shuster with his own show! It currently has 306 members. But, more on this later.

First of all - for the record, I never said David Shuster didn't have "grassroots" appeal. What I actually said directly to David Shuster was:
...your on-air persona doesn't come across as grass-rootsy like Shultz - or as an absent-minded-professor like Matthews - or as smarter than the average bear with class and humor like Olbermann - or as geeky, fun-loving, yet scarily brilliant like Maddow. You come across as angry, negative, bitter and pushy without showing whatever goods you might have to back it up.
As far as "lack of understanding of MSNBC's core demographic" - Call me crazy ... but, clearly I *am* MSNBC's core demographic being that I am a progressive/liberal who is somewhere between the ages of 30-35 years old.

And, what is this silliness about the Scooter Libby coverage? That was almost 3 years ago. In "news years" (which are like "dog years" - only, faster and more intense), 3 years could be the lifespan of someone's entire career.

Perhaps blucaller's comment is best addressed by MSNBC's president Phil Griffin.

Mediaite reported last night that Griffin spoke exclusively with them about the reasons behind the suspension, emailing with viewers and more.
“I said all along that this was about loyalty and looking out for this network and not our competition,” Griffin told Mediaite, who said in an email Thursday afternoon (obtained by Mediaite today), “We don’t pay David to help CNN figure out how to beat us.”

“Really, what upset me about this whole thing was how unfair it was to people who were loyal to the company,” he said. “That’s at the heart of this thing, that’s what makes it so difficult to get beyond.”

Griffin said he had emailed with several viewers who reached out to him regarding Shuster, but “I don’t think I will anymore.” He told Mediaite, laughing, “I do like engaging our viewers, I don’t like it when they immediately direct it to you.”

We received the email correspondences by way of the Facebook group, “Punish David Shuster with his own show!” a fan group with [306] members and counting. Obviously, these viewers who have reached out to Griffin and the fans on Facebook are upset Shuster has been taken off MSNBC. “I am too,” said Griffin. “I’d prefer we weren’t in this situation.”

Neither MSNBC, nor David Shuster would be in the predicament if Shuster hadn't hot-headedly run off and filmed a pilot for CNN.

Punish David Shuster with his own show? WHY? So MSNBC can continue to clean up his messes? Remember, this is the guy that tends to verbally mess himself and then stands there waiting for MSNBC to clean it up.

Seriously - let Shuster go back to FauxNews. They're used to his kind of 'journalism'.

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jazzguyal said...

I disagree, I don't know Shuster, but I have watched him on MSNBC, followed his tweets before he was put in limbo. I can't say he's handled every issue with the same degree of skill, but I think his opinions on MSNBC are far better than say Contessa Brewer, or Madam Joker (Andrea Mitchell), or Pat Bukkkanen. Tweety is just a loud mouthed self absorbed spittle spewing talking head. So I feel your opinion in this matter is no better than Phil Griffin's. Unfortunately his counts but yours isn't worth a hoot.

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