Monday, April 19, 2010

Alright - who was holding out on me?

Why am I *just* stumbling onto this? Did you all know about this already? If you did, SHAME ON YOU for not cluing Yours Truly in a little sooner.

Shock -yet, utter delight- is how I would describe my reaction to hopping over to this morning. Just when I thought the MET had used all of the tricks they had hidden behind those Chagalls, I found this. You see it right there, Friendlies. A completely refreshed Opera News website. It is *so* fresh, in fact, that I thought I had gone to the wrong website.

No, seriously ... I went to and followed the link to Opera News just to be sure.

The new site sucks you in because it's easy to use and actually looks current, unlike the previous website that looked like it had been created in the early '90s. Gone are the days of the drab and virtually unusable website.

And, Friends ... hold onto your hats ... there's even a blog.

Whaaaaat? I know!

Adam The Application Administrator, writes in part:
On behalf of the editors of OPERA NEWS, I'd like to welcome everyone to our new website. It's certainly been a long time coming, and we're thrilled that it's finally here!

We hope that the overall user experience with the website has been substantially improved through our renovations. Your best bet for perusing the site is the gray navigation bar towards the top of the page, which will allow you to access any and all content contained in a given issue — both the print and online edition.

Our performance-reviews landing-page — accessible via the
In Review tab — now features a streamlined tab-based navigation that easily allows you to toggle between reviews by our critics covering "North America," "International" and "Concerts and Recitals." Likewise, our Recordings section will allow you to look at all the categories ("Opera and Oratorio," "Choral and Song," "Recital," "Historical" and "Video") that comprise our media reviews.

The "Audio" and "Video" sections of the homepage will allow you to preview clips from new CDs and DVDs, hear excerpts from live interviews (don't miss feature editor Brian Kellow's chat with Simon Keenlyside, up there now ) and see some of our archival behind-the-scenes footage. There'll be more to come in these areas of the site, in particular. Everything you see here can also be accessed via the
Watch & Listen tab in the navigation bar.
I'm not really sure who Adam The Application Administrator is, but I'm already interested in what the next post will be.

Now, given that they've got this blog, me-wonders if OPERA NEWS/MET Opera Guild will sponsor a "Blogger's Night" at the MET? Or, maybe the already have one and Yours Truly just hasn't made the invite list, yet?

Sign. Me. Up.

Congrats to Opera News on the nip/tuck. It looks great on you.


Let me just say for the record: I am not too proud to admit when I'm wrong.

Ladies and Gents, I need to take this opportunity to correct something in this post.

A Little Birdie set the record straight for me: while the Metropolitan Opera's website links to OPERA NEWS, OPERA NEWS is considered to be "an editorially independent publication" and possesses "no formal, institutional affiliation" with the MET.

OPERA NEWS is *clearly* a publication of the Metropolitan Opera Guild. While the Metropolitan Opera Guild is just that - the Guild formed for the Metropolitan Opera - it is, in point of fact, a separate not-for-profit entity.

OPERA NEWS does not belong to the Metropolitan Opera.

It may seem minute to some, but the boundary is there and should be respected.

I stand corrected. Thank you, Little Birdie.

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Susan Eichhorn-Young said...

what?! NO!!!! Must go take a look pronto! Thanks James!

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