Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Vanity Fair on the State of the MET: "Is there anyone under 40? Find young people!”

From Vanity Fair's May 2010 issue:
The Met's Grand Gamble

Since Peter Gelb took the reins at the Metropolitan Opera, in 2006, he’s relentlessly picked up the pace—more new productions, more aggressive marketing, live high-def broadcasts—until everyone from chorus members to major donors has felt the strain. But is Gelb presiding over a leap into the 21st century, or the slow decline of the world’s greatest (and most extravagant) opera house? Examining the Met’s $47 million deficit, the horrendous economics of opera, and the effort to sell high culture to the masses, the author reveals what a huge risk the controversial impresario is taking.
This is a fascinating read. I know I've said that before, Friends - but, this one truly is. This article, by Nina Munk, is a engrossing backstage look at Gelb, his history, the Met's history, it's founding as a place for "new money", the Met's future and the future of Opera.

Do not pass go - do not collect your $200. Read this article!

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