Friday, March 26, 2010

An old fashioned "opera diva at home" article - yes!

Soprano Anna Netrebko, pictured at right in a Reem Acra gown, is all grown up and has the apartment to prove it. The Wall Street Journal reports:
Dressed in black leggings and long, layered tank tops, Anna Netrebko was bouncing around her apartment, a sheepskin boot on one foot while her other remained bare. "Has anybody seen my other shoe?," she asked loudly, causing the group assembled in her living room to burst out laughing.

The outgoing and in-demand Russian soprano has long enjoyed socializing and shopping. For years she protested the notion of marriage and children. Full of colorful, fanciful furniture, her apartment "was for a girl and parties," says interior decorator Jayme Burzette.

But since having her son, Tiago, 18 months ago, Ms. Netrebko has been settling into a different rhythm. Last November, she and her fiancĂ©e Uruguayan bass-baritone Erwin Schrott moved with their son from their old condominium a few blocks away to her new "grown-up" apartment—a three-bedroom 1,900-square-foot condo in a high rise three blocks from Lincoln Center.
Isn't this perfection-on-a-stick, Friends? A good, old fashioned "opera diva at home" type article ... complete with pictures. We haven't seen one of these in ages. It's a must read & see.

Thanks WSJ! For the entire article, as well as the slideshow, visit the Wall Street Journal online.

[Photos: Top - Anna Netrebko, wearing a Reem Acra gown. Photographed by Michael Falco for The Wall Street Journal.]

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