Friday, March 5, 2010

빌리 엘리엇 - The Musical

So, let's pretend that your a musical about an aspiring young dancer in a British coal-mining town and you've become a hugetastic hit in Britain, America and Australia, what do you do next? Take your show to South Korea, of course. From the New York Times:
The producers of Billy Elliot: The Musical said that a Korean-language version of the show, adapted from the 2000 Stephen Daldry film, would play in Seoul starting in August after years of planning that began long before Billy Elliot won the 2009 Tony Award for best musical.

In a telephone interview on Thursday, Eric Fellner, a co-chairman of Working Title Films, which produced the
Billy Elliot movie and produces its stage incarnations, said that the company was first approached about foreign versions of the musical about five years ago, just as the original West End show was starting up...

...Local actors have been hired for the South Korean cast, including a team of four young Billys, and some dialogue or other minor elements may be changed to suit the hometown crowd. But over all the show (whose music is by Elton John and whose book and lyrics are by Lee Hall) will remain intact, and the show’s American design and construction team has built the sets for the Seoul production.

Mr. Fellner said that a Japanese version of the “Billy Elliot” musical was being prepared for the summer of 2011, and talks were continuing with German and Dutch producers but nothing had been set yet.
[Photo: The Korean Billys By Megistella/Agence France-Presse]

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