Thursday, March 18, 2010

Garanca est un oiseau rebelle

So... by now you've all heard that Elina Garanca [R.] has "withdrawn" from San Francisco Opera's production of Werther. NO! You haven't?

Well, it's kind of a juicy story as there were some rumors swirling around like un oiseau rebelle. Some said she was fired and others said she withdrew.

Once and for all, here's the sitch - courtesy of a press release from SF Opera:

David Gockley has accepted Elina Garanca’s withdrawal for “personal reasons” from San Francisco after discovering that a “series of European concerts has been recently announced on Ms. Garanca’s website during the Werther performance schedule.”

Was this poor time management on her part, or was this unmitigated stupidity? Yours Truly is inclined to believe the later. Be that as it may, Mr. Gockley continues...
“It pains me greatly to announce that Ms. Garanca has chosen not to appear in next season’s Werther as promised. She is a glamorous young star who has created a stir in Europe and at the Metropolitan Opera [as Carmen], and I was looking forward to presenting her West Coast debut. However, after extensive discussions with her management and having filed a grievance through the American Guild of Musical Artists (AGMA), I am satisfied that the financial settlement we have reached disposes of the matter.”
Financial settlement? You know darn well that we are talking about some fury and some significant negotiations.

Replacing the Lady G. is Alice Coote [L.]:
“I am very pleased to welcome back to the War Memorial Opera House stage Alice Coote, a highly accomplished and extraordinary artist who has had two very big successes with us beginning with Alcina in 2002 and with Idomeneo in 2008…. Her magnificent artistry has been acclaimed around the world for her repertory ranging from Charlotte, Sesto and Octavian, to her recent triumph as Hansel at the Met. We are very honored to feature her in our new production.”
Take THAT Lady G.

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