Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Fashionistas get a caucus!

When linking this story on Twitter, our dear friend / PR Goddess / Fashion Priesta / Stylist Amy Keller said it best:

From NY Magazine:
Washington lawmakers have even less of an excuse for wearing offensive clothing on the Hill now that the fashion caucus has become official! It's called the Congressional Apparel Manufacturing and Fashion Business Caucus, which one might shorten to CAMAFBC (it almost has FAB in there). Greater Washington Fashion Chamber of Commerce president Christine Brooks-Cropper spearheaded the formation of the group. They aim to secure funding for a fashion incubator and scholarships for fashion students; create jobs; and save New York's garment district.

Diane Von Furstenberg has said as part of her reelection to the CFDA that she wants to secure copyright protection for designers. The caucus hopes to revisit the Design Piracy Prohibition Act, legislation meant to do that, which could put a damper on the knockoff industry. Fashion people may migrate to D.C. for an advocacy day Brooks-Cropper has planned for May 20. That might be a good time to put any bright-yellow skirt suits away.
StellarK: this complete and utter flawlessness is fully calling your name, Friend. You better hit that mess up!

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