Monday, March 15, 2010

Don't make me huck a shoe

So ... you're standing in line at the Security Checkpoint of Anywhere USA International Airport when you start to panic because you've realized that you've mistakenly packed *all* of your toiletries in your carry-on - thus breaking the "ounces per product per traveler" rule.

Don't lie to me, Friends ... you know you've been there. We all have.

Suddenly, some big, burly woman with whom no one would stand a chance in a street fight rips your Tom's of Maine Deodorant, your new jar of American Crew Fiber, your bottle of (let's be honest, here) TRESemme shampoo and bottle of your favorite cologne - John Varvatos Vintage, right out of your bag and puts it into the dreaded "confiscated" bin.

It's enough to make a guy take a shoe out of the nasty gray bin and huck it in the general direction of the nearest TSA officer.

Guess what, Ladies and Gents? According to - you need not worry about this very trauma ever again:
And now, your Dopp kit delivered straight to...wherever you're about to be.

Your couriers: Suite Arrival, a new service that lets you order your shampoo/soap/exotic oil of preference to be sent directly to your chosen hotel, online now.

In short, it's like having an online assistant to pack and ship your grooming supplies. So instead of sacrificing your soap at the security line—or chancing it that your hotel has the organic bamboo-aloe-whale-fat shampoo that keeps your follicles looking so luscious and Redfordian—they'll ship it to your hotel, where it will be sitting, waiting for you in your suite when you arrive. (As of press time, they are not transporting personal bathers.)
You guys, I can't. This is just too amazing for me to comprehend. It's brilliant.

The next time you're heading out and stressed because you can't make everything fit in a rinky-dink ziplock bag - just remember: Suite Arrival - your "online assistant".

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