Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Here's to a Lady still lunching

On this date in 1926 (or 1925 depending on whom you ask), Elaine Stritch was born in Detroit, Michigan to Mildred, a homemaker, and George Joseph Stritch, an executive with B.F. Goodrich. Her family was wealthy and devoutly Roman Catholic. Stritch was a niece of Samuel Cardinal Stritch, the former Roman Catholic Archbishop of Chicago.

Good ol' Stritchy celebrates her 84th (or 85th) birthday today by adding a final performance of her acclaimed cabaret show Elaine Stritch Singin’ Sondhim … One Song at a Time at the Carlyle Hotel where she is a resident.

There couldn't possibly be a better way for this performing legend to spend her birthday.

Happy Birthday, Stritchy!

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