Thursday, February 18, 2010

Best Dressed Conductors and Opera Singers? Hmmm ...

You may have seen that our carissima Opera Chic (or O.C., for short) has created a guide to the Best-Dressed Conductors over on the blogs of W Magazine. She begins:
Even without the help of stylists, classical music conductors could give some of Hollywood's most fashionable celebs a serious case of wardrobe envy. Conductors are among the classical music world's most seriously style obsessed, stepping up to their podiums in elegant frac (white tie & tails) from Europe's best tailors and design houses. They aren't afraid of handstiching or Hermes, and they spare no expense when it comes to old-world craftsmanship.
I'm sorry - but anyone who works the name Hermes or the phrase elegant frac into a blog has serious Star-Blogger potential.

Now, although it has been said, "Heavy is the head that wears the crown...", Queen O.C. doesn't let a heavy head stop her. She's just listed the 5 Best-Dressed Opera Singers as well. While Yours Truly doesn't exactly agree with all of her picks, I will give her big, gigantic and even hugetastic kudos for bringing opera to a publication such as W Magazine.

She begins:
Maria Callas aside...
STOP! [Insert screeching tire sound here]

Stop right there, darling Opera Chic - was that really necessary?! Did you really feel compelled to begin with a comment as obvious as Maria Callas aside?

[PS, Chickens - That's La Callas to the right.]

O.C. continues:
... Opera Chic has long wept over the poor fashion choices of her favorite opera singers. On stage (and especially off) many if not most of the great stars of the past were quite often downright dowdy. From gawky Joan Sutherland to massive Montserrat Caballe and the late Luciano Pavarotti, we saw way too many singers who simply didn’t care, and probably considered themselves to be somewhat above things such as fashion. But looking good on stage is not simply about looks –it’s about being believable on stage, whether its as a dashing womanizing nobleman or the hottest woman in Paris. Opera Chic has lately been delighted to applaud a handful of singers who just say no when it comes to ill-fitting off-the-rack eveningwear.
Wondering who tops this list? If it's not obvious to you, here's a hint: The grande dame who tops this list is the singer I lovingly refer to as - La Scoopenda.

Sorry Friendlies - I don't mean to disappoint. But, as not to steal O.C.'s thunder (or W Mag's for that matter), you'll have to hop-on-over to W Magazine (linked below) to see both list in their entirety.

You can see the Guide to the Best Dressed Conductors here.

And, you can see the list of the Five Best-Dressed Opera Singers here.


Queen O.C.: Thanks so much for this. You're one in a million!


Anonymous said...

La Scoopendissima must have a new stylist because I recall one particularly heinous black garbage bag of a dress in Paris a couple of years quick sweep of You Tube, and you'll find it, surely!

operabroadcast said...

I can't even THINK about La Scoopie without getting traumatized over her upcoming indie-folk-Lilith Fair album.

No amount of lovely gowns will cover that potential train wreck.

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