Thursday, January 21, 2010

Julie Andrews singing "Old Man River"?

We'd like to update you on something we discussed a while back about Julie Andrews. We reported here on some widely reported rumors about the actress/singer staging a comeback as a singer - with or without vocal reconstruction.

In the LA Times this week, Ms. Andrews sets the record straight: she's not making a comeback as a singer. For the last few months, it seems that Ms. Andrews has been trying to dispel rumors that she has had the vocal reconstruction surgery that we discussed earlier.

For the last few months? Why is it that this is the first we're seeing of it.

Anyway, according to Ms. Andrews, a week after this erroneous report began to circulate on the Internet, it was announced that she was going to do a big concert this May in London. From the LA Times:
"What is happening is that I am re-creating a concert last year I did at the Hollywood Bowl and toured America with," she explained. "It's with full symphony orchestra and singers. The first half is all Rodgers and Hammerstein music as it is related to me, so it's footage and narration and storytelling."

And, yes, a bit of singing from Andrews. "I go right out and say, 'You all know I have had vocal surgery and I do have about five bass notes left, so I can assure you I can still sing the hell out of "Old Man River." ' "

She "dreadfully" misses singing. Recently, she talked to her daughter Emma Walton Hamilton about how badly she felt about not being able to sing anymore.

Then Emma reminded her of her success writing children's books.

"My daughter said a wonderful thing to me -- 'Mum, you have just found a different way of using your voice.' "
Indeed. She has not let this tragedy get her down - she continues with grace, determination and a sense of humor ...

"Old Man River"? What a hoot!


For more on Julie Andrews' concert in London, check out

To read the entire LA Times article, check out their Classic Hollywood page.

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