Monday, October 19, 2009

Ready? Get set. Tweet!

It's becoming increasingly difficult to deny that social media is playing a larger role in our daily lives. Be it MySpace, Facebook, Twitter or the outlet du jour - people are spending more time digitally networking than ever before.

Twitter seems to be the "it" social medium right now - and for good reason. You can communicate with your friends and colleagues, watch news stories develop, drive traffic to your blog or organization and communicate with your audience and readers once they've arrived. All of this in 140 characters or less. Quick, concise and very easy to manage.

I am admitting right here and right now that I have been bit by the Twitterbug. I'm a tad ... a touch ... a pinch, if you will ... obsessed. And, I'm not the only one.

Many arts organizations are also finding that they've been bit. To find a first-rate illustration of that fact, you needn't look any further than Marc van Bree of Dutch Perspective. He has compiled a broad list of over 150 arts related people, journalists, organizations and bloggers that are using Twitter.

Unfortunately, yours truly had to add A Liberal's Libretto to his database manually, but ... better late than never. Right?

I urge you to take a spin around his write up. It's a substantial resource that you can use to build your arts related Twitterbase.

If you are one those people who "just can't handle another thing to check", but secretly might be considering taking the plundge, take a look at Mashable's Twitter Guide Book. It's a very user friendly resource for all things Twitter.

Now, go forth and tweet.


Classical Music on Twitter from Marc van Bree at Dutch Perspective.

Mashable's Twitter Guide Book

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1 comment:

Marc van Bree said...

Thanks for the shout out! You will be added, rest assured! Hope to have a major update later this week. List will probably get close to 300...

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