Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Mr. and Mrs. Angela Gheorgiu split? *yawn*

It would seem that Roberto Alagna and Angela Gheorghiu, or as I like to call them Mr. and Mrs. Angela Gheorghiu, have split up and have filed... or are filing... for divorce.

According to the Telegraph.co.uk:
At last, we now know for a fact what their fans had long suspected (and what both had heavily hinted to me in interviews this year) - tenor Roberto Alagna and soprano Angela Gheorghiu, opera’s ‘golden couple’, married thirteen years ago by New York’s mayor Rudy Giuliani, have split, personally as well as professionally. But just how split is split?

Alagna went public on Friday in Le Figaro, admitting that for ‘a long time now we haven’t been doing things together’...
[GASP!] NO! Really?

PLEASE! This isn't news. Back on August 13th, yours truly observed:
"It would seem that Gheorghiu's personal reasons [for dropping out of the MET's Carmen] have less to do with vanity and more to do with a certain Mr. Angela Gheorghiu (tenor Roberto Alagna) who was to sing the same six performances as Don Jose. The only performances that [Angela] Gheorghiu has remained committed to, are the performances which star Jonas Kaufmann as Don Jose. Take from it what you will."
But, Mr. Angela insists that his wife doesn't want to get divorced.

Again, from the Telegraph.co.uk:
...adding that ‘Angela doesn’t want to hear of a divorce’.

Not so, according to Angela on her website, where she makes a retaliatory statement to the effect that that she and Alagna have been separated for the last two years. ‘Her attempts to save the marriage in this period failed; she announces. ‘Having initialised proceedings months ago, she awaits the finalisation of their divorce as soon as possible.’

Ouch! This weird tabloid-style ‘mystery’ will doubtless unfold further chapters in coming weeks. Is any other party involved? Rumours fly.

In the opinion of yours truly, this is nothing more than a scandal that is fabricated by two people who think they are more famous than they really are.

If you need a good article to fall asleep by, take a look at this little piece in it's entirety. It is nothing more than a fluffy piece of P.R. candy - designed to make Mr. Gheorghiu - soon to be Mr. Alagna - feel better about his station on the operatic totem pole.

In order to give credit where credit is certainly due: Thanks go out to Opera Chic for opening up this bag of nutty-ness.

[Photo - Roberto Alagna by Antonio Calanni/AP]

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