Thursday, October 22, 2009

Koch Theater...

As you've no doubt seen, I'm one of the many people in this country that think Glenn Beck of FauxNews is nothing more than a greedy, whiny gas bag that pollutes minds with his racist talk and his far fetched distortion of half truths.

Now enters David H. Koch ... as in the David H. Koch that now has his name on what used to be the State Theater, home of NY City Opera.

Koch is on the board of Americans for Prosperity - the group that is behind the "grass roots movement" that lead to the "town hall protests" and "recess rallies" where participants oppose health care reform by obnoxiously shouting down members of Congress while they were holding public meetings to inform the public about the proposals.

Not only are they on the wrong side of health care reform, but La Cieca of has brought to our attention that they're multitasking. Now AFP is throwing some of Mr. Koch's billions of dollars at trying to block Net Neutrality.

In fact, here's David H. Koch's paid minion Phil Kerpen talking to Glenn Beck earlier today. Note the hyperbolic (one might even say operatic) manner in which the two congratulate each other on calling President Obama's advisors "Marxist."
Glenn Beck claims that Net Neutrality is part of a Marxist plot. During his attack on the Obama administration and proponents of net neutrality, Beck painted Obama advisers Van Jones, Susan Crawford, Robert McChesney and Rahm Emanuel as either "Marxist" or "Maoist."

Did I mention that I think Beck is a greedy, whiny gas bag that pollutes minds with his racist talk and his far fetched distortion of half truths? Ok, I just wanted to be clear.

Keep all of this in mind the next time you're in Lincoln Center or are going to NY City Opera and see the David H. Koch Theater. Couldn't they have found someone else to pay for the name plate?


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