Thursday, October 29, 2009

In an hour, you're to be "In questa reggia"...

As previously reported by my Blog-eagues at Opera Chic and Aria Serious - last night, Lise Lindstrom made her MET debut as Turandot.

Why is this newsworthy, you ask? I'll tell you - it's because not only did she make her debut two weeks early, but it was also on an hour's notice. Ms. Lindstrom replaced Maria Guleghina.

If you're a tweeter on Twitter, you may have seen this tweet last night from Timothy Breese, who is a member of the MET chorus:
Lise Lindstrom just delivered an incredible Met debut performance in the 2nd act of Turandot. Brava!!
Interestingly enough, his previous tweet was on October 26th at 11:59 AM:
We are anxiously awaiting how Guleghina will do in the final dress of Turandot this morning. Up until now she has been marking.
Yet again, another reason why I love, adore and heart Twitter.

And, just when I thought my love, adoration and Twitterpation couldn't get any deeper, the friends over at San Diego Opera proved me wrong.

Starting next week on their Twitter feed, Dr. Nic Reveles (Education Director / the former boss of yours truly) and the Aria Serious bloggers will be tweeting the entire history of opera.

I know. It's crazy. Yet, oh-so awesome. Please expect me to fully geek-out, 'cuz you know I will.

That's right ladies and gents... 400+ years of "musical intrigue and discovery" in 140 characters or less. The fun begins on Monday, November 2nd and the tweets will continue until the fat lady - now, skinny lady - has sung.

For more info on this and other Tweeple ... see the links below.

And, a very hearty congratulations to Lise Lindstrom! I understand it was spectacular!


For more on Lise Lindstrom click here.

Also make sure to check out the Aria Serious blog. As well as Opera Chic.

Some Twitter must-follows: Yours Truly, San Diego Opera, and Timothy Breese.

[Photo - Lise Lindstrom as Turandot, Deutsche Oper Berlin © Bettina Stöß]

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