Monday, September 14, 2009

Renée Fleming: Verismo or senza grande semplicità?

As many of you know, I truly look up to a certain Bloggess because of her wit, style and general fabulosity. But, just when you thought La Cieca [R. as Elizabeth I] couldn't top herself - she has had a triumph with this one, dear friends.

In a recent post, senza grande semplicità, La Cieca discusses not only what that phrase means, but gives detailed examples of who had it -Magda Olivero, Diana Soviero- ...and who has it -Aprile Millo. In addition, La Cieca gives a deliciously meticulous review of La Renée's new CD Verismo.

La Cieca writes:
Now, someone who mostly just doesn’t get “grand simplicity?" Well, I’m afraid that’s Renée Fleming, at least on the evidence of her new Verismo CD. Now, don’t get La Cieca wrong. Fleming is in very good voice here, with astonishingly well-preserved warmth of tone. She has obviously studied this music diligently, and it’s admirable that she has used her clout to document interesting bits of underrecorded operas like Conchita, Gloria, Siberia and Zazà.
Now, the opinions expressed by La Cieca in her post may or may not be similar to those of A Liberal's Libretto - but, this is a very thoughtful, detailed and knowledgeable review. This is obvious when La Cieca points out intrinsic matters of contention that have been crystalline for quite some time regarding La Renée's performing and vocal maturity.

Once the album drops and we here at A Liberal's Libretto get our hands on it, you can rest assured that our thoughts will be coming in short order!

Until then, check out La Cieca's review at She doesn't disappoint.

And for further information on La Cieca visit The New York Observer.

[We'd like to thank and The New York Observer in advance for the use of La Cieca's visage]

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