Thursday, September 24, 2009

I WON! I actually WON!

Ladies and Gents, there's a first time for everything. I received notice this morning via email that yours truly was chosen by La Cieca as the winner of the lastest contest sponsored by

The contest revolved around everyone's favorite soprano-next-door, Renée Fleming. The challenge was to pick a sobriquet for her.

Don't worry - I didn't know what sobriquet meant, either... so click here to find out what it means. But, hurry back so you don't miss the end of the story.

Now, no offense to the lovely and uber-talented Ms. Fleming - but, when singing, she tends to be a little scooptastic.

As I sat at my computer thinking 'scooptastic', I was also thinking names like La Spacagna (my teacher and mentor Maria Spacagna), La Callas (need I say more?), and La Stupenda (Dame Joan Sutherland).

As I landed on La Stupenda... while thinking 'scooptastic'... out came.....

NOT SO FAST - You'll have to visit La Cieca to find out the prize winning sobriquet.

1 comment:

Lah said...

LOL this is fantastic...I love the picture they used and I think "That Woman" is totally a close 2nd lol.

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