Saturday, September 5, 2009

Callas, Palin and Crawford... What similarities?

Once again, we would like to thank La Cieca at for bringing this little tidbit to our attention.

Leave it to none other than Liz Smith to compare a certain ex-VP candidate / ex-Governess Sarah Palin to Ultimate-Diva Maria Callas.
"I will not enter into a public feud with Madame Callas, since I am aware she has a far greater competence at that sort of thing than I have," said opera’s Rudolf Bing of the combative diva many years ago.

Levi Johnston – are you listening?

The truth of the matter is that he really has gone way over the top with his attention-seeking behavior. Now, the report is that he's planning to pose for Playgirl? His "publicist" is certainly working overtime.

I agree with Miss Liz - he better watch himself where the ex-Governess is concerned. Miss Liz continues:
There is a Medusa behind those Foster Grants; an atmosphere of Faye Dunaway barking in Mommie Dearest – "Don’t f**k with me, fellas. This ain’t my first time at the rodeo."
Be sure to check out the full article.

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